#? I’m traveling home with the Civitatis team

From Civitatis we continue to invite you to join the initiative #YoMeQuedoEnCasa to stop the coronavirus curve. For now, the trips can wait, but each day that passes is a day less to feel again the emotion of hallucinating with new destinations. New York, Rome, Cairo, Tokyo… Have you thought about what the first trip you’ll take after confinement will be? You have plenty of time to decide; but, while we wait… would you dare to travel with your imagination? To travel you don’t have to leave home! #? I travel at home and you?

Staying at home and dreaming about the next trip can be (almost) as exciting as traveling. Make a safari among stuffed elephants, improvise a Berber village in your living room, look for coral reefs in your bathtub… Imagination is the limit if you want to travel without leaving your couch. Do you dare to join our contest #YoViajoEnCasa con Civitatis?

We’ll travel again! For now, we leave you with some of the Civitatis team members passing the confinement in a big way, travelling without travelling, from the living room. Grab a pencil and paper, because it will be the inspiration you need to start dreaming about your next trip.

Husky dog sledding

Taking a ride in a sled pulled by husky dogs is the most original and fun way to explore the fairytale landscapes of Lapland… It is also the idea that Carine Conway, one of our content copywriters, has come up with to combat boredom at home.

Diving in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s diving paradises. Alex Mazzola, a member of the Civitatis agency department, has shown that with a little imagination you can dive on Koh Tao without even leaving your room.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Esther Roldan, Destination Manager of Civitatis, is a big fan of China and couldn’t resist: she has organized her own Chinese tea ceremony without waiting for her next trip to Beijing.

Travelling around Africa without leaving home

Seeing exotic animals has never been easier. Javier Alameda, one of our content copywriters, has taken home the Nairobi National Park safari. Watch out for the lion, Javi!

The thousand and one nights

Labyrinthine, chaotic and crowded, the Fez el-Bali Medina comprises the oldest area of Fez. The confinement has given our content copywriter Santy Torres enough time to improvise at home a scenario worthy of The Thousand and One Nights.

A picture next to the Eiffel Tower

Marta Pascual spends the whole year crossing the world to write the Civitatis travel guides. During these days of social isolation, she has taken the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower, but not the one in Paris, but the miniature that decorates the garden of her house.

Oktoberfest in Munich

Who said that the Oktoberfest can only be held in Germany and during the month of October? Henar de la Parra, one of the sales advisors of Civitatis, has shown that you can enjoy one of the main German traditions by toasting with her “twin” in the mirror at home, as much or more than by taking a beer tour of Munich.

Disneyland Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris is one of the most desired trips for children and adults. Who do you think wants to go more : Clara Martinez, Performance Marketing Manager of Civitatis, or her daughter?

Formula 1 Circuit in Monte Carlo

Would you love to tour the Formula 1 Circuit of Monte Carlo? Patricia Macias, the Regional Manager for Spain and Portugal of Civitatis, has taken advantage of her free time to train for the next Monaco Grand Prix.

Tour of Harry Potter

Duarte Brochado, Destination Manager for Spain and Portugal, guided a Harry Potter tour, but not through Edinburgh, but through the living room. Did the cat give him a good tip?

Paradise beaches in the Bahamas

Our colleague Hannah Colder, Destination Manager for America and APAC, didn’t want to wait for the summer to take a trip to Clifton Heritage Park, a paradisiacal corner of the Bahamas that has been the setting for movies like Flipper.

Stargazing on Teide

Tenerife is home to one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation. Cristina Moreno, EMEA Regional Manager of Civitatis, knows this very well and has organized the perfect plan to entertain her children: a camp to observe stars on Teide without skipping the confinement.

Pyramid of Chichen Itza

One of our destination managers in Europe, Lydia Vazquez, couldn’t wait to make the trip to Chichen Itza, so she decided to build her own Mayan ruins in the garden of her house.

Taj Mahal

The excursion to the Taj Mahal is one of those visits you have to make sometime in your life. Ana Pilar Martinez, from the customer service team, has made an express trip to India to realize this dream that many of us share.

From West Berlin to East Berlin

The imagination of our customer service colleague Noelia Carro has led her to cross over to East Berlin from West Berlin without leaving the living room. The entire Berlin tour will allow you to see Checkpoint Charlie and other essential tourist attractions in the German capital.

World Estrella Galicia

Inmaculada López is our Regional Manager for America & APAC and is a lover of the beer culture, so she has organized a tour to Mundo Estrella Galicia without the need to travel to La Coruña.

Looking for coral reefs

You don’t have to go all the way to Australia to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef. Anna Bondareva, one of our destination managers in Europe, has discovered the ideal way to search for coral reefs in her bathtub.

Merzouga Desert

The 3-day excursion to the Merzouga desert from Marrakech is a must if you visit Morocco. What if you could build a Berber haima in your living room? Our COO, Enrique Espinel, has managed to do so to entertain his daughter.

Stuffed Elephant Safari

Can you imagine going on a safari through an elephant sanctuary in Bali? The CEO and founder of Civitatis, Alberto Gutiérrez, has set up the safari at home.