Live a Christmas in solidarity with Civitatis

Christmas is illusion, cinnamon smell, happiness and union. But it is also synonymous with solidarity. In Civitatis, for the third consecutive year, we want to join this spirit of solidarity through our charitable tours. On this occasion, the proceeds from our tours will go entirely to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The great novelty of this year is that we will double our efforts since, in addition to making our charity tour of Madrid, we premiered the solidarity tour of Salamanca. Our charity tours will be available from November 29th to January 8th, and in them you will discover the Christmas secrets of these cities and you will be able to choose the amount you wish to donate: 5, 10, 20 or 50 euros per person.

Illusions come true with Make-A-Wish and Civitatis

With this grain of sand, Make-A-Wish will be able to continue making reality the illusions of children who are going through serious illnesses. We’ll get 8-year-old Dídac to visit the stages of his favorite movies. Did you know he’s passionate about Titanic and has always wanted to visit New York because it was the final destination of the famous ocean liner?

And since it is Christmas time, we will help Javier, Meritxell and Hugo, children from 4 to 7 years old, to get to know the town of Santa Claus. So you can personally carry your letters. Thanks to you, we’ll make this a reality.

Send your messages in the Christmas mailbox of Civitatis

In addition to participating in the solidarity tours, you can send your messages of support and encouragement to these four children. How? You will only have to go to the Civitatis store, located at number 2, Coloreros Street (Madrid). You’ll find a Christmas mailbox to deposit your letter. If you do the charity tour of Salamanca, you can deliver the letter to the guide. Together with Make-A-Wish we will make sure that your messages reach their families.

With these kinds of initiatives we hope to be able to help many more children in the future. Because they deserve it, because their fighting spirit has no limits and, above all, because with optimism all battles are fought better. We encourage you to participate in the charity tours of Civitatis and you will give the best gift possible: the illusion. Can you help us?