Travel through Spain to celebrate National Day

Every October 12, Spain dawns with the tune of its national anthem. Also with the parade of the armed forces through the streets of the capital. In addition, there are many who take advantage of this date to set course for any corner of our geography.

Travelling is always a good plan. And if it’s with Civitatis, even more. Here are five destinations within our borders for a getaway. Trekking routes, indecipherable mysteries, a rich cultural legacy, nature in all its splendour… Spain has it all!

The most unknown Zaragoza

Basílica del Pilar

Basilica of Pilar

As it could not be otherwise, we will start by talking about Zaragoza. The Aragonese capital becomes one of the protagonists when October 12th arrives. Have you still not gone to see the Virgin of Pilar?

This is the best opportunity to visit the impressive basilica on the banks of the river Ebro. And, of course, get lost in the streets of the city with a tour of the hidden Zaragoza. With this nocturnal route, you will enter into stories of crime and torture. You probably won’t find what you expected from the old part of the town… But you’ll be surprised!

Follow Gaudí’s footsteps in Barcelona

Interior de la Sagrada Familia

Interior of the Sagrada Familia

Getting close to Barcelona is synonymous with marveling at the modernism that is distributed through the streets of the Catalan capital. Barcelona is one of the best places to meet one of the most famous architects in history: Antonio Gaudí.

And how can you do that? The tour of Gaudí’s wonders is the ideal option. It is a route through the great masterpieces that the artist left in the skyline of the city. And all without waiting endless queues! You will have the opportunity to walk through the Park Güell or to enter the Sagrada Familia, the undoubted icon of Barcelona.

The Teide under the stars

Las Cañadas del Teide de noche

Las Cañadas del Teide at night

Can you imagine walking at the foot of Spain’s highest peak during the night? Night hiking in the Cañadas del Teide is a unique experience if you are planning to travel to Tenerife. So get a good trekking shoe and go for the adventure!

Up there you will be delighted with a picture very difficult to see in places with high pollution, since in this volcanic territory the stars shine even brighter. We assure you that it leaves no one indifferent.

A trip to the Basque coast

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Saint John of Gaztelugatxe

Many speak of the charm of San Sebastian, with a French air and memories of the Belle Époque. And we recognize it: Donostia is wonderful. But this time we come to recommend that you go to Bilbao. For its overwhelming Guggenheim Museum, which stands majestically on the banks of the Bilbao estuary and leaves anyone who sees it for the first time speechless. For its historical center or for its delicious pinchos.

This city has something that makes it special, but so does the Basque Coast. And one of the most beautiful corners less than an hour from Bilbao is Rocadragón. Yes, the cast of Game of Thrones chose the Basque Country as the setting for one of their scenes. Whether or not you are a fan of the famous series, an excursion to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a sure hit. Get some air to go up the stairs to St. John’s Wayside Shrine and ask for a wish high above. Let’s see if it is fulfilled!

Madrid: art on all four sides


Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Did you know that Madrid has one of the most visited museums in the world? Well, we’re going to tell you something even more incredible. With Civitatis you can not only enter the three most important art galleries in the Spanish capital, but it also gives you the opportunity to do so with the help of an expert guide. If you are art lovers, you can not miss this guided tour of the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza.

A tour of the Triangle of Art in Madrid will be an ideal plan to pay tribute to some of the most influential artists in Art History. How to let this train pass? The Meninas, the Guernica or the Dancer of Degas are waiting for you.