A free charity tour in your home to help fight the coronavirus #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

Free tour benefico contra Coronavirus

The coronavirus has changed our lives in ways we didn’t imagine just two weeks ago. The covid-19 pandemic has spread like an avalanche around the world transforming our daily lives and testing our system in a way that the world has not remembered since World War II. The virus is especially preying on our elderly and those with chronic ailments, but it has affected, to a greater or lesser extent, the whole of society which is now waiting, confined to the home, for the situation to improve.

I’m sure we all have a family member, friend or acquaintance fighting the disease right now… and that should be everyone’s top priority now. The measures taken to stop the coronavirus after the state of alarm are being very hard on everyone, but being isolated at home is a trifle compared to the suffering of people in hospitals and their loved ones. Now it is our turn to fight back and help them.

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Stay home to fight the coronavirus

Perhaps what we have liked most about this situation, which is so hard for everyone, is the creativity and solidarity of many people and companies (who are also having a very hard time) who want to help combat this situation caused by the coronavirus. The aim is for the pandemic to end as soon as possible and with the least consequences for everyone.

Free concerts, virtual exhibitions, hotels that become hospitals, storytellers, wineries that manufacture disinfectant gels, companies that donate material… it only remains for us to applaud those initiatives that are aimed at making life easier for health professionals, state security forces, families and all of us who have to be at home these days.

But how can we travelers help fight the coronavirus now that we can’t travel? Mainly by staying home so the disease doesn’t spread. When we have defeated the virus there will be time to think about future destinations and experiences. That time will come for sure, but now it’s time to change the chip and dream about traveling from home.

A free charity tour to fight the coronavirus

Although the tourism sector is one of the most affected by covid-19, there are many solidarity initiatives aimed at helping to combat the pandemic. We have been collaborating for a long time with the company Civitatis, which offers guided tours and excursions around the world. That is why we wanted to share a project they have just launched to provide hospitals in Spain with more and better resources in the fight against the coronavirus.

The initiative of Civitatis aims to collaborate with the health authorities in the fight against the coronavirus without stopping travelling and continue exploring ‘unusual territories’ within our own home.

Since we are confined to our homes, we can add a little sense of humor to the matter and, as if it were one of their famous free tours, start to walk around your house to discover all those little details that are hidden in every corner.

Where did all these monument miniatures come from? Did I buy them or was I given them? Do you have binoculars? Sparrows, dogs and pigeons make your street an urban safari. And all these travel magnets? Where do the disappearing socks go? Why does my pet think he owns the house? How did something as ordinary as toilet paper become so precious? During the visit you will get the answer to these questions and, in all probability, get to know yourself a little better.

When you sign up for this “free tour of your house”, you can choose the donation you want to make: 1, 3, 5 or 10 euros. To this amount Civitatis will add an extra 10%, so if you choose to collaborate with 10 Euros, the donation that the Spanish Hospitals will receive will be 11 Euros.

Donations from this initiative will be organized according to the priorities set by the Ministry of Health, and Civitatis will be totally transparent with it so that you can see at all times which hospital you are helping… without having to leave home!

Thank you for making our day-to-day life better

We thank you in advance for your collaboration and we want to encourage you to “travel” with this free charity tour to your own home, we are all together in the fight against the COVID-19!

In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to applaud from the bottom of our hearts and thank the health professionals, state security forces, teachers who continue to work from home, pharmacies, food industries, food distributors, transporters, supermarket cashiers, grocery stores and small shops, food stores, delivery people and all those people who help us every day to make life a little better while we stay at home fighting the happy coronavirus. Thank you!