Hiking route to the Roca Foradada de Vallromanes

Just a few kilometres from Barcelona, the Serralada Litoral, with its lush forests and privileged views of the Maresme coast, offers many beautiful excursions suitable for everyone.

The mountain range extends along the Maresme, an area that has been inhabited since Neolithic times and that adds a cultural touch to the hiking routes offered by its forests and mountains. Especially around the towns of Vilanova del Vallés and Vallromanes there are many monoliths, dolmens and other legacies from ancient times.

The plateau where Foradada Rock rises along with the other granite rocks

Without a doubt, alternating a hiking route through the mountains with historical touches means an ideal family getaway to get closer to nature and our past. Among the possibilities that exist along the Serralada Litoral, is the excursion to the Roca Foradada.

La Roca Foradada is located in Turó de Cal Tàvec, a little more than 300 meters high, and at first sight it will leave you surprised. It is a stone with a large cavity inside from prehistoric times. It was formerly believed that its opening functioned as an oven and it was not until the early 1990s that archaeologists classified the archaeological remains as a burial cave.

Around the Roca Foradada there are several large stones, other indelible marks of the first humans who inhabited the area.

To get to the Roca Foradada de Vallromanes we start from the Vallromanes Church square following the Avenida de Vilassar until we reach the La Mimosa estate. We follow a wide path of land that goes up to the mountains of Cal Tàvec and Puig Aguilar, the highest in the area still with its humble 300 meters.

Extension on the turó of Cal TàvecThe dense forest following the path towards Can Maimó

When you reach the top you will see some large granite rocks that prelude the Roca Foradada. A place where at least we did not find anyone in practically all the tour and we could rest and enjoy this magical place.

If we go into the forest there is a circular route that leaves us at Can Maimó restaurant. However, the circuit crosses the golf course and is prohibited. Even so, I recommend you to go into the woods as this area is really very little frequented and offers an enviable thickness of Mediterranean forest.

The Forged Rock of Vallromanes

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In short, it is a simple 3.5-kilometre round trip from Vallromanes with a climb of some 280 metres. To lengthen the route a little, as I mentioned earlier, you can follow the narrow route that turns to the other side of the mountain much richer in vegetation than the slope that comes from Vallromanes. Once you are there, I recommend you to have a good meal after the walk in the restaurant of Can Maimó, excellent grilled meat and snails at very acceptable prices.

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