Route by car in the south of France

France’s proximity to Barcelona positions the French country as an ideal destination to visit by car. In the south of the country there is a good variety of places to visit that alternate the beach with a splendid coast, the mountains of the Pyrenees, customs closer to the heat of southern Europe than to the cold of the Parisian outskirts and a cuisine that mixes French excellence with the Iberian touch.

Throughout the country there are many possibilities to make routes by car. We’ve done it more than once and I can’t get enough of it. There are many varieties alternating mountain, beach, villages with history and, in addition, always being accompanied by a French during the trip makes everything much simpler.

Vistas a la Provenza desde el pequeño pueblo de Saignon

Views of Provence from the small village of Saignon

With a 10-day drive through the south of France as we did, starting from Barcelona, we can cover a good part of its Mediterranean coast with claims such as Nice or Antibes in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, the mythical inland villages of Provence, the Luberon mountains and other hinterland areas of France of similar interest but less crowded to escape conventional routes.

In some cases we find much tourism as in the throat of Verdon and, in others, as in the national park of Cévennes we enjoy calmly its virgin nature.

La plaza principal de Àrles

The main square of Àrles

Accommodation in the South of France

If you have no choice but to travel in August you will have a hard time going on your own and booking accommodation the same night. The ideal would be to have the itinerary more or less closed and to have the reservations made in each one of the points of the route. You will find all kinds of proposals with rural houses, beach hotels and functional halfway.

In mountain areas such as Cévennes or the gorge of Verdon we settle in beautiful rural houses in the middle of natural landscapes. In the Costa Azul area we were lucky enough to stay with some friends in Antibes. In the Provence area we alternate hotels in villages with other types of accommodation with less charm but more functional.

We were on the fly and without reservations. Anyway, we didn’t have any trouble getting into a bed at the end of the day. We discovered a chain of lodging deeply rooted in France. Etap hotels are cold, unstaffed, purely functional establishments in places that are not very intimate, such as the gutter of a motorway. Even so, it was wonderful for those occasions when everything seemed to be closed, to avoid going around the villages and to have the exit to the next destination to a touch of steering wheel with the car.

Family Travel Insurance

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El el Parque Natural de Verdon se pueden practicar múltiples deportes de agua durante el verano

In the Natural Park of Verdon you can practice multiple water sports during the summer

Budget for the south of France

The budget does not vary too much from the main European cities. Even in areas of the Côte d’Azur such as Nice or Antibes we find even lower prices than in Paris or Corsica.

The average of the double rooms ranged from 70-90 euros and a good dinner in any of the places visited can go out for about 20 or 30 euros per person.

In the map attached at the beginning of the article you will be able to see the complete route of our independent trip through the south of France. In each of the points you will find a link to the corresponding post to complement the information.

Vistas a Mónaco desde Le Turbie

Views of Monaco from Le Turbie

What would you change from this route by car?

The duration of this itinerary was 10 days and – looking back at the experience after the trip – would change things. We did about 2,000 kilometers and slept in different places every night except Antibes where we rested two at a friend’s house. I think that more than a trip we made a rally and we didn’t enjoy enough places that deserve their time. Right now I would sacrifice certain areas to add more time to wonders like the canyons of Verdon or the mythical Avignon. These are things you learn on the way back and I hope they help you to plan your trip.

Una buena ensalada francesa que sirve como primero y segundo plato a la vez

A good French salad that serves as a first and second course at the same time.

Itinerary of our route by car through the south of France of 10 days

Likewise, complementing the map in Google Maps, I step to detail the list of articles in a traditional way and in chronological order so that we do not miss any detail:

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