Reconnecting with life through yoga in Costa Rica

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Since the emergence of new technologies, despite their positive applications, our lives have increased in speed, feeling the need to be connected at all times and creating a growing anxiety in our civilization. All of this has gradually but steadily moved us away from nature and our inner self.

That is why Pura Vida Retreats has sought, in an idyllic natural enclave of Costa Rica where Mother Nature is the owner and mistress of everything, the way for the traveler to feel that reconnection with himself and find peace, freeing himself from the anxiety produced by the high pace of life in modern society.

Nature, relaxation and yoga in Guanacaste (Costa Rica)

Pura Vida Retreats gives you the option to relax and connect with your inner self through a yoga retreat while traveling and getting to know these amazing places:

The beaches of Nosara de Guanacaste

You walk along a path that makes its way through dense and lush vegetation. At first, the only sound that accompanies you is the singing of dozens of species of birds that you can’t see, but that you feel are there, making their lives among the branches of trees and shrubs. You keep on advancing and those melodious songs are joined by a rumor, mild at first, firmer as you keep on walking westward.

It’s the sea. The ocean. The waters of the Pacific kiss the sand of the beaches near the town of Nosara, in Guanacaste, a province located in the west of Costa Rica.

Both tourists and locals come to these beaches to surf, walk, swim, sunbathe or simply observe and listen to the image and voice of nature.

Here lived, centuries ago, several Chorotega groups (the indigenous people who populated this part of Costa Rica), as shown by the objects of mud, stone, glass and jade that were found buried in the hills near the most beautiful beaches of Nosara: Nosara, Guiones and Pelada.

In the hours of lesser concurrence – dawn and night – there are not few who practice yoga in order to seek the strength of their being from within. There’s no room for cell phones here. There’s no point in looking for the perfect photo for Instagram. Streaming what you’re feeling through Facebook Live or Snapchat is not an option. It’s you and nature. And nothing more.

However, the beach is not the only place where you can reconnect with nature and your inner self.

The cloud forest of San Ramón

In the central lands of Costa Rica, fed by the humidity of the heights, thrive dense and lush cloud forests. In them, nature grows unstoppable, alien to modern life and stress, and with the only fear of deforestation or fire.

One of these magical forests is San Ramón. Located between the cities of Alajuela and Puntarenas, San Ramón is surrounded by gentle hills whose slopes show orderly coffee plantations.

You can enjoy guided tours in which you can learn about Costa Rica’s coffee history, as well as walk the network of trails that cross the forest, ideal for bird watching or be hypnotized by the power of bulky waterfalls.

Tyrolean traverse and horseback riding are other active options you can do in the forest of San Ramon.

Arenal Volcano

Also near the city of Alajuela, about 140 km from Guanacaste is the spectacular Arenal volcano.

Arenal National Park has two volcanoes. The Arenal has a perfect conical shape and has been praised as a sacred entity since pre-Columbian times. Nearby is the Arenal Lagoon, from which 40% of Costa Rica’s hydroelectric power is produced.

Swim in the thermal waters of the Arenal Volcano and contemplate the green lands that extend between this and the Chato Volcano.

What Pura Vida Retreats has to offer

This incredible yoga retreat experience – organized by Asuaire Travel and hosted by Blue Spirit in Nosara – in which reconnecting with nature and your inner self includes the following:

Accommodation 7 nights
Full board for 8 days
1 yoga and meditation class per day
Private transportation during the whole stay
Canopy tour at Arenal Volcano
Guided hike to hanging bridges and entrance to hot springs of the volcano
Guided coffee tour in Costa Rica
Welcome gift with local products
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