What to do in Rotterdam

Have you thought about visiting Rotterdam? Unknown to many, the second most populous city in the Netherlands has much to offer its visitors. Avant-garde architecture on the banks of the Meuse River, skyscrapers, a rich gastronomy and much more await you in this Dutch city.

As we don’t want you to miss any details, in Civitatis we have prepared this guide in which you will find some of the best plans to make in Rotterdam. Are you ready to take notes?

A little bit of history

Did you know that Rotterdam was practically destroyed during World War II? A bombing raid by Nazi Germany razed the city to the ground, and only a few buildings in the old town remain standing. The population has managed to reinvent itself and turn this weakness into a fortress, turning its streets into a showcase of modern architecture. Not in vain has it been nicknamed the Manhattan of the Meuse.

Before the great tragedy, the city had traditionally been an important commercial port. It was a strategic point that even motivated Spanish troops to invade the city around 1572. A long history that deserves to be known.

What to do in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam boat trip, a unique perspective

Rotterdam cannot be understood without its port, one of the oldest in Europe. For this reason, a boat trip is a unique opportunity to discover the charms of this city from the water. The boat will take you to the modern Kop van Zuid district, the Katendrecht pier, the iconic Erasmusbrug bridge and much more – a must see!

Private tour of Rotterdam: like a real VIP

Are you one of those who likes exclusive tourism? In that case, nothing better than booking a private tour of Rotterdam. Accompanied by a Spanish-speaking guide you will enter the history of this city discovering its most emblematic monuments and buildings. An opportunity to know in a personalized way all the changes that this place has lived. In any case, if you are on a tight budget, you can always sign up for a free tour.

Visit the best museums and buildings of Rotterdam saving

It is true that Rotterdam has a very limited old town due to the 1940 bombings. Only the City Hall, the St. Lawrence Church or the Schielandshuis Palace among a few other buildings survived this catastrophe. However, that does not mean that there are no places to visit, there are many! With the Rotterdam Welcome Card you can save on your visits to the Natural History Museum, the Euromast Tower or the famous Cube House. In addition, you will have public transport included.

Water and land in the amphibious bus

Do you want to look at the city from different angles and perspectives? In the amphibious bus from Rotterdam you will have a great time. Don’t you know what it is? This vehicle will take you through the main streets of the city and, suddenly, splash! It will also take you to navigate the waters of this town. A comfortable, original and fun way to do tourism in this place. If you prefer the whole trip to be by land, perhaps the Rotterdam tourist bus is your best option.

Tasting Rotterdam

Being a port city, it is clear that fish is one of the main dishes in Rotterdam. The streets of this city are full of bars and restaurants where you can try snacks like haring, a herring that is eaten raw.

If this dish does not attract much attention, maybe the bitterballen, a kind of croquette made with beef and broth, or the local sweets will whet your appetite. The gastronomic tour in Rotterdam will take you to know all these delicacies.

Rotterdam at a glance

Population: 623,652 inhabitants.

Size: 319 square kilometers.

Language: Dutch.

Currency: euro.