Children as protagonists: Oviedo Carnival 2020 programme

The Oviedo Carnival closes the Antroxu festivities in the big Asturian cities in 2020. With events from 24th to 29th February and a gastronomic extension on 1st March, the calendar dictates that the Oviedo Carnival be the last of the greats before the Easter recollection.

The big day (for children and adults) of the Oviedo Carnival will be Saturday 29th February, when there will be an afternoon parade through the streets of Oviedo, followed by a costume competition and topped off by a concert in the Cathedral Square.

And if you like gastronomy, don’t forget to try the traditional “Antroxu Menu” that will be served during these days in many restaurants in the city.

After being celebrated in style in Avilés (and in style at the time of the Descent from Galiana) and coinciding with the Gijón Carnival, the Antroxu 2020 celebration begins on Monday 24th February in Oviedo with the carnival showcase competition that will be held until 29th February.

So if after more than a week in which people all over Asturias have dressed up and gone out to have fun, you still feel like partying, your destination is the capital of the Principality.

With a costume competition in various categories and a parade through the centre as the main events of the Carnival in Oviedo for everyone, the most willing young people and adults have the afternoon-evening of Saturday 29th February to put on their best carnival finery and take part in the party in restaurants, bars and discos.

Disfraces el sábado de Carnaval en Oviedo

Costumes for Saturday Carnival in Oviedo

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This is how the programme of the Oviedo 2020 Carnival looks like:

1Monday February 24

– Carnival Shop Window CompetitionAll over the city

On 27 February, the jury will visit the participating establishments and make its decision.

2Tuesday 25 February

– Children’s Carnival at the Children’s Palace

1st Floor.

17:15 and 18:30. Rock N’bubles

18:00h. A day at the circus. Wizard Pelayo.

Ground Floor

From 4:30 pm to 8 pm. Fantasy make-up workshop and hat workshop in collaboration with the Department of Economic Promotion, Trade and Employment.

Assembly Hall.

17:30h. Closer please. Nacho Wizard

Costume contests: Individual – Couples – Groups

Reading of the Contest’s decision.

17:30 and 18:30 h. Show cooking

18:00h. Abracadabra

19.15h. Balloonflexia

19:00h. Birly and birloque.

20:00h. End-of-party dance in the entrance hall.

Magic, Circus, and Humor, and a lot of games and adventures in the Yellow Submarine, in the Carousel, and in the Mine Train and many surprises for the assistants.

– Gastronomic Days of the Antroxu

Organized by the Oviedo City Council, OTEA (Hotel and Tourism Association of Asturias) and OTEA Oviedo.

The Gastronomic Days of the Antroxu will be held on February 25, coinciding with the celebration of Shrove Tuesday and during the weekend of February 28 to March 1.

The participating restaurants must offer the Antroxu Menu (Pote Asturiano de Antroxu and typical pastries: frixuelos, picatostes or casadielles…) on February 25th and the weekend from February 28th to March 1st, during lunch and/or dinner hours.

Disfraces el sábado de Carnaval en Oviedo

Costumes for Saturday Carnival in Oviedo

3Friday 28 February

– Disguise Your Place” Contest

All over the city

The jury will visit the participating venues on the same day and make its decision.

4Saturday, February 29

– • 17:00h. Parade and Costume Contest

Categories: Adults, individual, couples, groups and social centres, with the participation of charangas, contestants, bands and the “Entierro de la Sardina” procession. Itinerary: Viaducto Marquina, Independencia, Uria, San Francisco, Eusebio González Abascal, Plaza de la Catedral.

– • 18:00H. Presentation of the Costume Contest and DJ Session by FernandiscoPlaza de la Catedral

Sardine Burial Ritual

– 21 H. Concert “The Captain’s Band Inhuman”

Disfraces el sábado de Carnaval en Oviedo

Costumes for Saturday Carnival in Oviedo

If you have any doubts about the timetables, events or celebrations of the Carnival in Oviedo (although I think there is not much to be confused about), you can consult the website of the Oviedo City Council in the “Carnival” section

The designer of the official poster of the Antroxu, Marcelino de la Fuente, from “Think diseño y comunicación” has indicated that it shows a drawing of a person wearing a Mafalda wig (of which there is a “small” figure sitting on a bench in the central San Francisco Park in Oviedo), a headdress made of “muscovites”, the Town Hall building by comb, some Elizabethan lanterns as earrings and some glasses that give back the reflection of the Cathedral and Santa María del Naranco, which is almost equivalent to “dressing up as Oviedo”.

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