Programming of the festivities of Poblenou 2019

The Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona is getting ready for its main festival. In this edition of 2019 will take place between 6 and 15 September including two weekends.

Although the holidays are over for the vast majority and schools and work are already beginning, the residents of Poblenou put good humour into the matter and along its streets a lot of activities for all ages and concerts until 3 am.

Below we present the program of activities of the festival of Poblenou through streets and prominent areas.

Friday 6th

19:00: Passacaglia of the VII Milla del Drac20:00: Inauguration of the Fiesta Mayor de Poblenou21:00: Popular dinner in the street: Calle Galcerán Marquet / Rambla del Poblenou22:00- 03:00: Live music and dance in different parts of the neighbourhood.

Saturday 7th

11.30-12:00: Chocolatada infantil in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou12:00-13:00: Puppets and pallasos in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou17:00-16.30: Children’s magic in the Passatge de Cantí18.30-19:00: Parade of the Town Hall of Poblenou. Departure from the Rambla del Poblenou19:00-19.45: Proclamation of the Festa Major de Poblenou in the Rambla del Poblenou with Joncar street19.45-20:00: Reading of the traditional Versotsen la Rambla del Poblenou with Joncar street20.30-02:00: Rock night in the Espai Jove Roc Boronat21:00: Dinners in different points of the neighbourhood.23.30-03:00: Dance in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou.

Sunday 8th

08:00-11:00: Traca, grallas and timbaleros. Tour leaving from Almogàvers/Ciutat street in Granada.11:00-22:00: Intercultural party in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou11.30-14:00: Castilian day in Rambla del Poblenou with Joncar14:00-16:00: Popular Paella in Marià Aguiló street18:00-21:00: Opera “La Traviata” in Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou.

Monday 9th

18:00-20:00: Sardana ball at the Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou20:00: Conference and colloquium of the audiovisual “Territoris inexplorats. Gel i nòmades a l’Àrtic rus” in Can Felipa

Tuesday 10th

17:00-20:00: Children’s games in the street Galceran Marquet17.30-18:00: Children’s snack in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou18:00-20:00: Children’s chocolate and activities for children in the Avinguda Diagonal, 62-8218.30-19.30: Family concert in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou21:00: Dinners in different points of the neighbourhood.22:00-03:00: Tent No to sexist aggressions in the Rambla del Poblenou22:00-00:00: Habaneras in Espronceda street22:00-02:00: Poblenou Fiesta Mayor Ball in the Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou23:00-03:00: Young night in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou

Wednesday 11th

11:00-16:00: Vermouth and vinyl in Carrer dels Ferrers with Taulat12:00-12.30: “Toc de les 12”, commemorative show of September 11 in Carrer Marià Aguiló12:00-15:00: Vermouth swing in Carrer Pallars with Espronceda21:00-23:00: Habaneras with the Old Sea in Carrer Marià Aguiló22:00-00:00: Habaneras in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou

Thursday 12th

17:00-18:00: Children’s show in Espronceda17:00-18:00: Chocolatada in calle Venero17:00-18:00: Painting workshop in Galceran Marquet20:00-22:00: Concert by the Barcelona Municipal Band in the Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou21:00-23:00: Outdoor music in the Pati del Centre22:00-00:00: Habaneras in the Avinguda Diagonal, 62-82

Friday 13th

17:00-20:00: Children’s games in the street Galceran Marquet17:00-22:00: Facilities and performances for the 20 years of La Escocesa18:00-20:00: Photographic gymkhana in the Casal de Barri del Poblenou20:30: Dinners in different points of the neighborhood.21:00-23:00: Terror Cinema in the street of l’Amistat21:00-03:00: Concert for young people in the square of Josep Maria Huertas Claveria21.30: Open doors to La Bonita in the street Cristóbal de Moura21.30-02:00: BCN Swing Party at the Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou22:00-23:00: Dinner at the Centre del Poblenou Park22:00-02:30: Ultralocal DJ’s Night at the Plaza de Mercè Sala

Saturday 14th

10:00-14:00: Popular gymkhana from the Moral and Cultural Centre of Poblenou11:00-15:00: Children’s morning in the Plaza de Mercè Sala11.30-15:00: Popular sausage in the street Galceran Marquet12:00-14:00: Children’s parades in schools. Departure from Rambla del Poblenou with Pere IV13:00-17:00: Popular Paella in Plaza de Mercè Sala14:00-16:00: Popular Lunch in Ateneu Popular Flor de Maig17:00-20:00: Open doors in La Escocesa18:00-20.30: Habaneras in Plaza de Prim21:00-23:00: Festivity Fireworks. Departure: Plaza de Prim21.30:00:00: Swing party at the Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou20:30: Dinners at different points of the neighbourhood.23:00-00:30: Final concert with Neon Rush in the Rambla del Poblenou with Joncar street23:00-03:00: Concerts at various points of the neighbourhood.

Sunday 15th

10:00-12:00: Meeting of giants in the Centre d’Imatgeria Festiva. Calle Joncar, 3512:00-14:00: Street parades of giants. Tour of the Rambla del Poblenou12:00-14:30: Castilian day in the Park of the Centre del Poblenou12:00-21:30: Vermutrònix, gastronomy and electronic music in the Plaza de Mercè Sala13.30-15:30: Vermouth and popular paella in the street Galceran Marquet18.30-19:00: End of party with batucada in the street Espronceda18.30-20:00: Habaneras with the group Port Bou in the Casino l’Aliança del Poblenou20:30-21:15: End of party parades in the Rambla del Poblenou with the street Joncar21:00-21:15: Taca and farewell of the Festa Major 2019 in the Park of the Centre del Poblenou21:15-22:00: Passacaglia of end of party, fire and noise with exit from the Rambla of the Poblenou with the street Joncar22:00-23:00: Traca final of party and free cava in the street of Pallars with Espronceda.22:00-22.30: Fireworks at Bogatell Beach

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