Programming of the Merçè 2019 festivities

The feast of Merçè is probably the queen of festivities in Barcelona. After the joy in the streets during the summer with the festivities of the neighborhoods of Gràcia, Sants or Poblenou comes the work for many, the school for all kids but in a short time the city returns to dress up party celebrating the patron saint of the city.

It is also appreciated that August has passed and no longer see these large masses of tourists so we can enjoy more comfortable activities although it is inevitable to find crowds in the most prominent performances.

The new Giants of the House of Charity

The Merçè festivities take place throughout the city on 20 and 24 September. The guest city on this occasion is Beirut so get ready to listen to Lebanese music and fall in love with this charming Middle Eastern city.

Concerts and shows Merçè 2019

Within the usual concerts of the BAM (Barcelona Musical Action) during the festivities of the Merçè, Beirut as guest of honour will have its presence but also a varied cast of artists from around the world and the most varied musical styles.

There will be several performances on 3 main stages every day of the Merçè festivities: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All of them are free.

Likewise, the Moll de la Fusta, the avenue of the Cathedral or Bogatell Beach will be the perfect setting for great musical evenings for all tastes.

On the other hand, in the Antigua Fábrica de Estrella Damm the stage will be shared by several artists of different styles.

Activities in the Ciutadella Park

With a double life between day and night, the Ciutadella Park offers its green space to enjoy various shows with special emphasis on street theatre.

Daytime activities will be between noon and nine o’clock and evening activities will start at the same time until 2 o’clock.

Circus in Montjuic Castle

Sol Bemol, performance at Montjuic Castle – 2018

Humour, poetry and music will come together at the top of Montjuic to create a set of performances that vary between acrobatics, circus, dance and other disciplines that will make everyone dream.

The shows can be seen during the days of the Merçè (from 20 to 24) and between 12 and 8 pm.

There will also be performances and shows in the Palauet Albéniz, in the Parc de la Trinitat and on the banks of the Besós.

Fire and pyrotechnics

La plaza de Sant Jaume iluminada durante las fiestas de Santa Eulàlia

Sant Jaume square illuminated during the Santa Eulàlia festivities

Tuesday 24th is the last day of the Merçè festivities and fire and pyrotechnics will join hands on the Via Laietana in a trepidating fire for the little ones. After it the infernal tabalada begins, prepare your ears because they say that the noise of their drums is the most similar to the noise of hell itself. These are the notes that prelude the great Merçè firewall.

The Piromusical, as in every edition, will close the Merçè festivities and impregnate the sky of Barcelona with all sorts of tones from the Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina. The party will start at 10 p.m.

During the festivities there will be hundreds of activities for all tastes. Below we show you the highlights of the parties by day and location.

Programme of the traditional Merçè festival

The Merçè festivities are spread all over the city and there is a multitude of concerts and activities for all tastes. Every time innovating more and looking for the surprise although there is always room for the traditional party and then you will see the program of the traditional parties of Merçè for this year:

Friday 20th

Time Where Activity 10:00 Pati Manning Show of Giants 10:00 The Born Centre Cultural Exhibition of Dragons and Fire Monsters 18:30 Sant Jaume Pregón de la Merçè 19:00 Sant Jaume Opening Seguicio 19:00 Avenida de la Catedral Sardanas 20:30 Ciutadella and Lluis Companys Food Trucks

Saturday 21st

Time Where Activity 10:00 Recinto Fabra i Coats BAM – Cultura viva 15:00 Antiga Fábrica Estrella Damm Concert: Los Sara Fontán 15:00 Parc de la Trinitat Concert: Musababa Traore 15:00 Castillo de Monjuic Show: Clown Me a la Platja 15:00 Castillo de Monjuic Show: Sidecar, Pessic de Circ 21:00 Antiga Fábrica Estrella Damm Concert: Y la Bamba 21:00 Plaza Mayor de Nou Barris Orquestra del Liceu 21:00 Plaza de Joan Coromines Concert: Beduine 21:00 Playa de Bogatell Concert: Da Souza

Sunday 22

Time Where Activity 10:00 Reina Cristina Fitness Party 10:30 Plaza de Sant Jaume Castellers 11:00 Avenida Catedral Sardanas 11:00 Palauet Albéniz Food trucks at Palauet 15:00 Antiga Estrella Damm Factory Concert: Honolulu 15:00 Parque de la Trinitat Concert: Musaba Traore 15:00 Castillo de Monjuic Show: Clown Me a la Platja 15:00 Castillo de Monjuic Show: Sidecar, Pessic de Circ 21:00 Plaza de Nou Barris Concert: Music Merçè 21:00 Antiga Fábrica Estrella Damm Concert: Tversky 21:00 Plaza Joan Coromines Concert: Yugen Blakrok 21:00 Ciutadella Basket acrobatic

Monday 23rd

Time Where Activity 10:00 Pati Manning Show of Giants 17:00 Ciutadella Carrusels: Bruts de Bestioles 17:00 Ciutadella Carrusel as before 17:00 Ciutadella Grafiti Puzzle Giant 17:00 Ciutadella Playscape for children 21:00 Plaza Joan Coromines Concert: Praed 21:00 Ciutadella Dance: Halab 21:00 Avenida de la Catedral Concert: Luis Pastor 21:00 Edificio Palau de la Generalitat Concert of the festivities of the Merço Concert: Luis Pastor 21:00 Edificio Palau de la Generalitat Concert of the festivities of the Merço.

Tuesday 24

Time Where Activity 08:00 Plaza de la Merçè Grallers 12:30 Sant Jaume Diada castellera de la Merçè 09:15 La Rambla Trabucaires 10:45 Sant Jaume Gigantes y pasacalles 15:00 A la orilla del Besòs Spectacle: Tortell Poltrona y más 15:00 Castillo de Monjuic Show: Clown Me a la Platja 15:45 On the banks of Besòs Quina Gràcia Circus School 21:00 Ciutadella Basketball 21:00 Basilica de la Merçè Cobla Concert 21:00 Ciudatella Dance: Halab 22:00 Av. Maria Cristina Piromusical

More information

You will find all the programme of the festivities in detail for each act on the official website of the Town Hall related to the Fiestas de la Merçè.