Programme of the (probably) best Carnival in Northern Spain: Antroxu 2020 in Avilés (Asturias)

When an entire city dresses up in Carnival, its population multiplies due to the massive arrival of people in disguise from other cities, even the facades of the bars are disguised, grandiose artifacts are built ex profeso to descend through streets covered with foam, then you know that the title of this article on the Aviles Carnival Program, is no exaggeration.

Avilés lives the Carnival (“Antroxu” in Bable) in the skin of its inhabitants, old and young, who dress up, and in the temporary mutation of bars and cider houses that turn their exterior, interior and even the waiters into characters also in disguise.

Declared “Festival of Regional Tourist Interest”, the Antroxu Avilesino is dedicated to a different theme every year and the costumes of the people, the locals and the artefacts that take part in the Descent of Galiana are related to it.

The Antroxu 2020’s motto is “Los llocos años venti…de folixa” (“The crazy 1920’s partying”), and for the sixth consecutive year, Carmen Peláez is the author of the poster, in collaboration with the School of Arts and Crafts.

From Sardinero Wednesday, the 19th, to Piñata Saturday, the 29th of February, from Comadres Thursday to after the Burial of the Sardine, from the 19th of February to the 29th, this is the program of the Avilés 2020 Carnival:

Wednesday 19th

Day 19, Wednesday:

Parades of mazcaritos, moxigangues and fanfarries from La Espina (C/Martinete), to the Plaza Mayor (Llaranes) .

Time: 19.00 h.

Delivery of the Natural Herring Sardines to outstanding anthroxera personalities.

Sermon on the “third scale” by the Major Sardine of the Sardine Herring Brotherhood of Llaranes.

Tasting of the traditional “chickpea with tripe”

Street animation with the fanfares “El Felechu” and “Ceda el Paso”

Verbena and dance with the Talisman Orchestra.

Place: Plaza Mayor de Llaranes

Time: from 19.00 h.

Thursday 20th

Day 20, Thursday:

Comadres snacks and dinners

Place: Bars and restaurants of the region.

“Singing to the Comadres!”, with the Contracanto Chorus

Place: Plaza de Hermanos Orbón and surroundings

Time: 20.00 h.

Note: Comadres Thursday is the day when women go out to celebrate the party without a partner, they are recreational and gastronomic meetings only for them.

Friday 21st

Day 21, Friday:

Street animation with the fanfares “El Felechu”, “Ceda el Paso”, “El Compango”, “Menudos Notas”, “Paentamala” and “L’estruendo”.

17:30 h. Escolinos Antroxáos Parade. From Plaza de España to the pavilion of the Complejo Deportivo Avilés (El Quirinal), where a children’s party will be held.

20:30 h. Coronation of Sonia Miranda as Queen of the Goxu and the Faba, animated by Escenapache Teatro. Place: Plaza de España. 21:30 h. The Dixie Patrol concert

11:00 p.m. “Blessed Madness”. Free costume party. With the Cinema Orchestra, #LaTrosky Drag Show, DJ and free shuttle buses Bus Station – La Magdalena Pavilion – El Carbayedo – Bus Station.

Place: La Magdalena Exhibition Hall.

Saturday 22nd

Day 22, Saturday:

18:30 h. XXXIII International and Fluvial Descent of Galiana StreetLocation: Galiana, San Francisco, La Cámara, José Cueto streets and end at the Fuero building.

22:30 h. Verbena with the “Assia” Orchestra, Place: Plaza de España.

24:30 h. Renovation Experience. Disco music show with DJ’s, LedRobots and live music.

Sunday 23rd

Day 23, Sunday:

Street animation with the charangas “El Felechu”, “Ceda el Paso”, “Pepe El Chelo”, “Panteamala”, “Menudos Notas” and “El Ventolín”.

16:30 h. V Antroxáes Pet Competition, Place: Plaza de España

17:00 h. XXXIX Ginkana Automovilística d’Antroxu.Lugar: Plaza de Álvarez Acebal.

18:30 h. Family Disco Antroxu with Fred Events and his Campanera Furgo Party. (If it rains, it moves to Complejo Deportivo Avilés in El Quirinal)

Monday 24th

Day 24, Monday:

Street animation with the fanfares “El Felechu”, “Ceda el Paso”, “Picante”, “El Compango”, “El Ventolín”, “Menudos Notas”, “L’Estruendo” and “Perkusiona Escola”.

19:00 h. Festival of Murgas, Charangas and Fanfares. Presented by Félix Corcuera and Mariajo Baudot with their show Carnabaret: irony and humor.

22:00 h. Verbena Antroxera with the Tekila Orchestra, Location: Plaza de España

23:00 h. Short Celtic Concert. After the concert, second performance of the Tekila Orchestra.

Tuesday 25th

Day 25, Tuesday:

Street animation with the fanfares “Ceda el Paso”, “El Felechu”, “Pepe El Chelo”, “Paentamala”, “Picante”, “Menudos Notas”, “El Ventolín”, and “Perkusiona Eskola”.

18:30 h. 39th Great Parade of Antroxos, Moxigangues and Carroces: C/ José Cueto, Plaza de la Merced, calle y plaza de Pedro Menéndez, La Muralla and La Cámara, to finish in Plaza de España.

Wednesday 26th

Day 26, Wednesday:

18:00 h. Desenclavo de la Sardina, quema d’atrepeyos y ¡Adiós con el corazón”!.Place: Llaranes Viejo Sports Court

19:30 h. Wake and burial of the sardine, accompanied by the fanfare “El Felechu”.

20.30 h. Burning of the sardine: Final thunderclap.

Place: Plaza de España.

Saturday 29th

Day 29, Saturday:

18:00 h. Piñata FestivalPlace: Plaza del Carbayo, Sabugo

Antroxu (Carnival) in AvilésAntroxu (Carnival) in Avilés

The Antroxu de Avilés comes with prizes for participation, to be distributed in the following competitions and categories:

Descent of Galiana (6,500 euros)

Ginkana Automobile (2,060 euros)

Antroxaes Pet Competition (350 euros)

Festival of Murgas, Charangas and Fanfares (1,300 euros)

Antroxos, Moxigangues and Floats Parade (2,960 euros)

Antroxaos Winch Competition (4,200 euros)

King of Goxu and Faba (2,500 euros).

But in the Antroxu de Avilés, the most important thing is to come in disguise, whatever it may be, and join in a festival that for a few days revolutionises the medieval town of Asturias, turning it into the town of smiles and folixa on Saturday, the big day.

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