Pink Saturday: Join Civitatis in the fight against breast cancer

This 19th of October we are dyed pink and in solidarity with all the women who have suffered or suffer from breast cancer. We are aware that every grain of sand is important. For this reason, we will donate 1% of Saturday’s sales to the CRIS Cancer Foundation and its cancer research projects.

Did you know that one out of every eight women in her lifetime can get breast cancer? Creepy, isn’t it? Civitatis launches the campaign Pink Saturday, focused on raising funds to support awareness and research in the treatment of this horrible disease. Step by step we’ll get it, we’re safe!

Despite the fact that a great majority of breast tumours end up being cured, resistance to treatments or the absence of specific therapies are the main causes of the disease not being overcome by all the fighters. The Cancer CRIS Foundation works very hard to tackle these problems by designing less invasive treatments and therapeutic alternatives for the most aggressive types of breast cancer.

In addition, raising public awareness of the importance of prevention in combating this disease is essential. Changing your lifestyle, taking care of your diet or quitting smoking are some of the cancer prevention tips you should take.

But how can we help? We have said that every granite counts, and the best way we can think of is to keep on traveling and enjoying life. Thanks to the booking of tours, excursions and activities on our website, you will contribute to the research for the cure of breast cancer. With sales this Saturday, October 19, we will donate 1% to the CRIS Foundation against cancer.

If you enjoy traveling, imagine fighting for this cause while you take a guided tour of the Coliseum, an excursion to Toledo and Segovia, or discovering the contrasts of New York – the best experiences fighting breast cancer!