The world’s chicest countries

The way you travel has changed a lot in recent years. Organized travel is no longer a priority for tourists. Today, sustainable nature destinations and “out of the ordinary” routes are becoming increasingly popular with travelers. However, there is something that never goes out of style: the desire to discover new places, to be surprised by different cultures or to try innovative gastronomic recipes. All these attractions can be found in the most “chic” destinations in the world.

And what is considered a trip to a “chic” destination? This is an escape to a different, captivating place that offers multiple alternatives: from exploring an exotic National Park to ascending a mountain on whose summit is a sacred temple, for example.

The rise and proliferation of social networks, especially Instagram, has led more and more travellers to opt for “chic” holiday destinations. For this reason, in Civitatis we have decided to investigate which elements allow us to classify a destination as “chic”. Below we present the ranking of the most “chic” countries in the world.


Infographics of the most chic countries in the world

The study’s figures reveal that Germany is the world’s most “chic” country, closely followed by Italy.

Let us now look at some data that explain the rise of these two European countries in the world top. In the case of Germany, the German territory is home to the not inconsiderable number of 6,262 cultural buildings and monuments. Its 59 opera houses are particularly noteworthy. Lyrics have always been very relevant to Teutons since the composer Weber established an exclusively German form of opera under the influence of the Romantic movement in 1821. Another piece of information from the Germanic country is also noteworthy: its score of 78.37 in the cleaning section. This figure positions Germany as the 10th cleanest country in the world.

The first positions in the ranking are also monopolized by European countries. One of them is Spain, which ranks 4th in the world. Among its most striking figures is its score in terms of the degree of places with the most pull in Instagram: 78.29. This figure makes Spain the 15th most successful in the well-known social network of photographs.

After Germany, these are the remaining countries in the world’s top 10:

United Kingdom
United States

Italy and the Netherlands obtained high marks. In the case of the transalpine country, its 3,901 monuments and cultural buildings stand out, while in the Netherlands we can eat in 108 Michelin-starred restaurants. In addition, Italy is the 9th most popular country on Instagram, with a score of 79.14.

The only non-European country in the top 10 is Japan. There’s no shortage of reasons, of course. For example, did you know that there are 648 Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan? Much more than in France, which has 615!

During the course of this study, we also came across some curious data. An example. Did you know that Fiji hosts a fashion week every year? This initiative, which began in 2008, allows you to enjoy the work of designers from Fiji itself and from countries as diverse as Senegal, the Cook Islands, Guam and French Polynesia.

Speaking of fashion. The study also reveals a large number of countries in which, although it may initially attract attention, prominent designers are developing their profession. These include Burundi, Chad, Zimbabwe and Togo. Let us personalise these figures with some proper names. Cynthia Munwangari, a designer from Burundi, presides over Bujumbura Fashion Week: the largest city in the African country. At only 23 years old, Munwangari organized the first edition of this renowned event in 2014. In addition to the president of Burundi, more than twenty designers from different African countries attended this first fashion event. In other countries such as Togo, personalities such as Donaldson Nukunu Sackey stand out: model, fashion designer, architect and professional ex-footballer.

Manaos Opera House

Another fact that has surprised us is that Brazil has 14 opera houses. The first work of the genre to be performed in the Latin American country was La Gioconda, in 1897. Brazil can also boast of having what Vogue magazine considers “the most beautiful opera in the world”: the Amazon Theatre, located in the city of Manaos.

What other data have we found curious? These are the main conclusions by continent:

-Europe’s chicest country: Germany

-The most “chic” country in South America: Brazil

-The most “chic” country in Asia: Japan

-The most “chic” country in North America: the United States

-The chicest country in Oceania: Australia

-Africa’s chicest country: South Africa


In order to elaborate this ranking of the most “chic” countries in the world, we have taken into account the following variables:


-Art and design



-Popularity in Instagram


-Country Brand

Taking these five variables into account, we have given each country a general score, with a maximum score of 35. On the other hand, in order to balance the differences in population and size of each country, the variables Culture, Fashion and Gastronomy have a maximum score of 5 points each. You can request all the figures of the study in detail by contacting us.