The Best Plans for a Terrifying Halloween

Dead that come back to life, pumpkins that far from serving as carriages for princesses smile in a terrifying way, witches that wait to cast a spell or two… One more year comes Halloween, a party of Anglo-Saxon origin that spreads more and more around the world. From Civitatis, we dress the cape like Count Dracula and bring you the 10 best plans to enjoy the most terrifying October 31st. Do you dare?

Mysteries and legends here and there

Rome, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Krakow… All cities have a dark side. Alleys where terrifying events, tetrical characters and enchanted corners took place. You can learn all these secrets in the numerous tours of mysteries and legends that we offer.

St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans

A chaos of tombstones and sepulchres is what you will see in the cemetery of San Luis. Here you will find the tomb of the famous voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Its popular history has even been brought to television by the series American Horror Story: Coven. What was myth and what was reality? We don’t know. But Halloween night may be the ideal time to find out.

Halloween Party in Transylvania

Would you rather see the party side of Halloween? This plan is ideal for you. In the town of Bran, in Transylvania, there is a curious spot where, it is said, Dracula himself resided. Its halls are filled with madness with the arrival of the most terrifying night of the year in a party that perfectly combines terror and fun.

More vampires… but in Dublin

You are truly brave if you dare to enter into the origins of Count Dracula. In Dublin a castle awaits you that will offer you all the clues to understand how this famous character arose in the mind of Bram Stoker. Besides, you’ll be attending a theatre in a cemetery!

Terror in the dungeons of Berlin

Serial killer Carl Großmann, the White Lady and other dangerous friends await you in Berlin Dungeon. An interactive show in which you will get to know the darkest past of the German capital. The million-dollar question is: will you survive this experience?

The Enchanted Castle of Trigueros del Valle

Do you prefer a more rural plan? The Enchanted Castle of Trigueros del Valle, in the province of Valladolid, is inhabited by dragons, ghosts and other strange creatures. Not to mention his creepy secret lab. Don’t you believe it? Well, wait till you visit him.

Zombie Burlesque, fun in its purest form

Okay, we’ll stop scaring you for a moment. You can breathe easy. In the show Zombie Burlesque you will only find laughter and fun. This function, which is performed in Las Vegas, can be an ideal plan for Halloween if you want to be in contact with the living dead without them scaring you.

The Ghosts of Hell’s Kitchen

New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, located in the heart of Manhattan, is one of those areas where appearances can be deceiving. Its buildings may seem harmless, but tragic events have taken place inside. Sad facts that have left their mark. The ghosts of the murdered still roam today in the houses of the district which, moreover, were for years the site of numerous séances. And no, we don’t think these ghosts are as friendly as Casper.

On the trail of The Walking Dead in Atlanta

More than ten seasons have validated the success of this popular series. Do you want to know the stages of the post-apocalyptic world that this fiction reflects? Now it’s possible with The Walking Dead’s tour of Atlanta. We just hope the living dead leave you alone for a few hours.

The most terrifying London

Who hasn’t heard of the infamous crimes of Jack the Ripper? But… do you really dare to travel in the past to meet him? The London Bridge Experience offers you the opportunity to discover the most spooky stories of the British capital – it will take your breath away!

All that’s left for us to say is… happy Halloween! We hope that the living as well as the ghosts or the living dead will take pity on you.