Top 10 Business Travel Destinations in the World

When you plan a trip, you take a number of factors into account. Their importance and nature will depend on the purpose of the trip itself. It is not the same to travel for leisure as for business and in the latter case, the fact that you have a beautiful beach ten meters from the door of your room will be relegated, for example, by the faster connection to the financial center of the city.

However, on many occasions, the best business destinations are also places that can offer a host of attractions that turn your stay into more than just a few days of cold meetings and paperwork.

These are 10 of the best business destinations in the world:

1. London

The English capital is often in a permanent dispute with New York for first place in the ranking of the best business destinations in the world, prepared by the prestigious magazine Forbes.

London has a great system of transport and communications, great hotel offer and an endless number of quality restaurants and bars where to close deals of any kind. In addition, its financial area – known worldwide as “La City” – is one of the most important in the world. But we’ll see what happens to the Brexit.

For free time, you can choose from a large number of tourist attractions.

Plays and musicals in the Leicester Square area; visits to Westminster, Tower of London, and many other places; relieve stress by strolling through the gardens of Hyde Park or Saint James’ Park; have a drink in the modern Soho area…

There’s a lot to do in London.

2. New York

Quinta Avenida Nueva York

New York is one of the destinations you can choose from

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple… Several are the appellatives and nicknames given to New York City.

Among its great skyscrapers – protagonists of so many films – meetings are held and millions of dollars of business are closed.

Most of the world’s largest banks are represented in New York and the famous bull statue is a few metres from the building of the world’s most famous stock exchange, Wall Street.

Finding a good hotel in Manhattan, although it will be expensive, will not be a problem and when it comes to lunch, dinner or a drink, you will feel that you have within reach the products and environments typical of almost anywhere in the world.

New York is one of the best destinations in the world for business travel, but also one of the places most visited by tourists who only seek leisure.

Musicals, museums, tours, helicopter flights, an incessant nightlife… Going on a business trip to New York is a stroke of luck.

3. Singapore

The Lion, the symbol of Singapore

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In the far reaches of Southeast Asia lies a City-State that seems to justify its existence by its importance as a business travel destination.

Financial activity in Singapore is frenetic. Every major financial institution in the world has offices in this small independent state.

In addition, it has the seaport with the largest annual cargo volume – both in number of containers and in tonnage – in the world. It is the Asian benchmark in the electronics and industrial sectors.

Singapore is home to a large number of expatriate Westerners as well as workers of different races, giving the city great cultural, gastronomic, and racial diversity.

You can find good hotels and restaurants of different styles in neighborhoods as different as Chinatown or Little India.

A place of contrasts that has been among the top five business travel destinations in the world for years.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Views from the Victoria Tower in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has certain similarities with Singapore.

This peninsula – which has passed through English and Chinese domination – possesses a large number of islands and beautiful landscapes that can reduce the stress inherent in business travel.

The financial area is completely separate from the other Hong Kong, which is inhabited by those who do not wear expensive suits all day.

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s major financial centres and its economy is heavily dependent on international trade. There is great economic freedom, being simple to set up companies and move money from there to the outside. Its economy is based on the services sector, especially financial services. Not in vain, and despite its small size, ranks eleventh in the world in volume of financial transactions.

In your spare time, go up to Victoria Tower’s lookout and see the bay where traditional fishing boats still fish. Old Hong Kong has a lot to offer you in your relaxing moments.

5. Tokyo

Vistas de Tokio (Japón)

Views of Tokyo (Japan)

Japan’s capital is home to Asia’s most important stock exchange. In addition, the largest electronics companies in the country manufacture their products here. Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Toyota, Yokohama, Kawasaki… These are just some of the names that everyone knows and have their headquarters in Tokyo.

In a city of more than 13 million people where people move down the street in a continuous flow of haste and briefcases, it is vital to find some places where you can relax.

Visit the Asakusa area, where ancient temples replace neon signs and incessant hustle and bustle. The parks of Ueno and Yoyogi will also serve you. Tsukiji market, one of the liveliest fish markets in the world, is another way to get away from work.

Enjoy the nightlife in Roppongi.

Remember that Tokyo is the sixth most visited city in the world and not just one of the most important business destinations in the world.

6. San Francisco

The characteristic red bridge that has appeared in so many films is the great icon of a city that is considered the Mecca of startups.

Silicon Valley has generated a lot of ideas, some of which have coalesced into large companies whose current capitalization has reached trillions of dollars. This place makes it one of the most technologically developed cities in the world.

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, but it also has a great supply of good restaurants, hotels and a great international airport through which more than 40 million passengers pass each year.

7. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro desde Parque da Cidade

Rio de Janeiro from Parque da Cidade

The Brazilian economy has long since ceased to be a surprise and is beginning to take root in the business world. If you have to travel to Rio de Janeiro for business, you’ve won the lottery.

Rio is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Closing some commercial agreements and being able to celebrate it with a good bath on the lively Copacabana beach and some caipirinhas in the Lapa neighbourhood is a luxury within the reach of very few.

The Rio de Janeiro Convention Center, Rio Centro, hosts a large number of international events every year. It has a capacity for almost half a million people, lounges and a telecommunications centre. It is also a good city as a bridge to São Paulo, another of South America’s most important economic centers.

8. Madrid

According to the Global Financial Cities Index, Madrid is another of the best business destinations in the world.

The capital of Spain has a modern infrastructure and is considered a great financial, administrative and economic center that receives hundreds of thousands of business tourists every year.

In addition, Madrid has one of the best nightlife and leisure offers in Spain.

9. Buenos Aires

Casa Rosa en Buenos Aires

Casa Rosa in Buenos Aires

The capital of Buenos Aires is one of the best communicated cities in South America, which makes it one of the best business destinations in the area.

It has a modern convention center and that modern, exotic and attractive air that makes it a great new destination for business trips.

After a drink at the many after-hours bars in Buenos Aires – Palermo, Palermo-Soho and Recoleta are good for it – you can go see tango in Buenos Aires. Puerto Madero is another good area to close business, looking at the waters of the legendary Rio de la Plata.

10. Sydney

CBD y Opera House desde el Puente, Sidney Australia

CBD and Opera House from the Bridge, Sydney Australia

Sydney is Australia’s most modern city.

The Opera House building, the Sydney Bay Bridge, the Botanical Garden, the beaches and the surroundings full of explosive nature add great attractions to its financial, commercial and industrial functionality. Another exotic destination that combines its tourist attraction with the commercial to become one of the best places in the world to make a business trip.

Take advantage of the fact that you have moved to the other end of the world to visit a country with a lot to offer the traveler.