Lagares, sidrerías and a free bus, the XI Gijón cider festival begins

As we told you when we published the article of what to see and what to do in Gijón in October, one of the most desired events for Gijoneses and visitors is held in the middle of this month, “Gijón de Sidra”.

Celebrating its 11th edition in 2019, Gijón de Sidra is a twinning between chigres, cider houses and restaurants that serve cider from Asturian winepresses, with the additional pairing of a different dish of food in each place.

Customers who visit them will thus be able to enjoy a different cider in each place, as some of the 34 wineries participating in this twinning offer cider from different lots, thus reaching the 45 establishments without repeating the product.

Accommodation in Gijón

As one lives in Avilés, less than 30 minutes by car or bus from Gijón, I have had few opportunities to stay away from home, but I know these hotels of different budgets that may interest you as a base from which to explore Asturias or enjoy Gijón de Sidra: Hotel Abba Gijón, Hotel Silken Ciudad de Gijón, Hotel San Miguel.

Interior Sidrería Avenida en Gijon de Sidra

Interior Sidrería Avenida in Gijon de Sidra

Sidrerías y chigres, bars and restaurants are social points in Asturias, and with the celebration of “Gijón de Sidra”, the culture of the drink of our land joins it.

And so that Gijonese and visitors can reach a greater number of cider houses that participate in “Gijón de Sidra” and are spread throughout the city, this edition also has the “Sidro Bus”.

Sidrobus Gijón de Sidra

Sidrobus Gijón de Sidra [Photo courtesy of Miguel Vaquero]

The “Sidro Bus” is a bus that is available to customers who participate in “Gijón de Sidra” to approach free cider bars throughout the city, which have been distributed up to 11 stops in which to get on or off it.

Just wear the green scarf of this edition, which is provided in each establishment, you can access the “Cider bus”. This free vehicle started its engines this weekend and will return to operation on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 from 8pm to midnight.

Using the QR code in the image below, you can access a page that shows, in real time, where the “Sidro Bus” is located.

Sidrobus stops (Image: Gijón de Sidra)

Rent a car with a discount of up to 15%:

The presses (or llagares in bable) that participate in this “Gijón de Sidra” are Acebal, Alonso, Arsenio, Buznego, Cabañón, Cabueñes, Canal, Castañón, Contrueces, Cortina, El Duque, El Piloñu, Estrada, Fanjul, Fonciello, Fran, Frutos, J.Tomás, L´Allume, La Morena, La Nozala, Llagar de Quintana, M. Vigón, Muñiz, Orizón, Panizales, Peñón, Riestra, Roza, Solleiro, Trabanco, Vallina, Viuda de Angelón and Viuda de Corsino.

To know where to find each of these ciders, which establishments participate in “Gijón de Sidra” and what its gastronomic proposal is, the “Sidromapa” is indispensable.

Available in each of the participating establishments, but also online in pdf here, the “Sidromapa” has on one side the list of the 45 participating establishments, their address, the pairing dish they offer, and with which cider house and, where appropriate, lot are twinned.

On the other side, there is a map with the location of the cider houses, the “Sidrobus” stops, the cider houses and presses that have won prizes in past editions and the participation form in the competition for customers.

Cartel que indica la participación de un establecimiento en

Cartel indicating the participation of an establishment in “Gijón de Sidra”.

Those who gather 15 different corks will participate in the draw for a weekend at the Hotel Lastres Miramar, with two nights on a bed and breakfast basis.

The very enthusiastic cider enthusiasts, who manage to gather the 45 different corks, will have a place in the “Master Cider”, taught by renowned professionals in the world of cider, with diploma and master class included.

On a professional level, there will also be prizes for the best cider, the best cider maker, the best casserole, the best pourer, the best cider maker – llagar, the cider maker that sells more boxes of cider, the most beautiful cider maker and the most prestosa (tasty) cider.

Clients of Mesón Bar “El Paraíso” observe the peculiar way in which their participation in “Gijón de Sidra” is announced.

And if we talk about flavors, let’s not forget that the cider houses offer a dish to accompany the cider, different in each of them and with a price around 5 Euros, as the “Calamarinos con patatines a la cazuela” that we tried in the Sidrería Chaflán with Sidra Cortina, or the stew of “Ternera estilo Avenida” that satiated us in the Sidrería Avenida with Sidra Trabanco Lote 2.

With the excuse on the table to enjoy “Gijón de Sidra”, plan a trip to Asturias and do not miss everything you see in Asturias, because October is a good month to visit Gijón and Asturias.