The experience of sleeping in a hotel projected into the future

It is becoming more and more necessary to take care of the environment. The small steps we can all take in this direction are crucial and, in the tourism sector, hotel chains have a very important role to play, both in terms of awareness and because of the large consumption they generate. The use of renewable energies, the recycling of materials, controlling waste, avoiding the use of plastic to the maximum are some of the main bases to act accordingly and improve the environment.

Can you imagine what hotels are gonna be like in a decade from now?

Inner terrace of the hotel

In the world of cinema there are several fiascos when it comes to projecting the future. On the one hand, I remember the mythical Blade Runner fabulating with the existence of artificial humans in the present 2019 and, on the other hand, the conquest of the universe almost in its entirety according to 2001: Odyssey in Space, so we are going to try to be practical doing this exercise to catapult ourselves in the future.

If we put our feet on the ground, the most immediate future lies in taking the necessary steps to balance the natural disaster we have caused over the last century.

Within the different hotels I have visited in recent times, the closest example I know would be the Pullman Barcelona Skipper. With 13 years in the back, from the first moment this hotel bet on installing its own garden and the use of large solar panels.

The room at Pullman Barcelona

The Accor hotel chain, where the Pullman Barcelona Skipper is located, has been at the forefront of this type of initiative for some time. In addition, many of the benefits obtained from the economic savings of carrying out these practices go to projects related to reforestation as in its sustainable development program Planet 21.

Ten years from now I can’t imagine rooms flying or beds magically appearing at the touch of a button. Perhaps we will see digital walls that change image or sound according to our mood but above all I imagine hotels that will be supplied with the energy they generate, not even a plastic bag will be seen and a responsible use of water will be made.

Towels and sheets will plant trees

Lemon trees on the terrace with their Mediterranean touch and solar panels in the background

At home do you really put the towel in the washing machine after every shower? Do you do the same with the sheets every holy day? Sometimes when we go to a hotel we think that for the fact of paying for a service should do yes or yes. As users we will have to rethink certain things, isn’t it better for everyone to put dispensers in the shower instead of the usual amenities?

Many should reconsider and at some point will have to put aside the happy collection of soaps (or amenities) at home.

If you think about the environment and all the expense that goes with it, is it really necessary to wash the towels and sheets every day?

At Pullman Barcelona as well as at the other Accor hotels, the client is offered the possibility of choosing if they want to clean the towels and sheets or not. The prize we all get for not doing so is that 50% of the savings that this initiative represents is donated for the reforestation of trees, currently in the Garraf area.

Also, in all the taps of the hotel, the flow of water is controlled to avoid that the jet goes in all its power when it is not necessary.

A large part of its electricity costs will be supplied by renewable energy.

Solar panels and games on the hotel terrace

Whether solar, wind or hydro, over time establishments will tend to generate their own energy.

Hotel Pullman Barcelona has 105 meters of solar panels on its roof. With their energy, they are now able to keep the attic pool and the entire water heating system in the rooms warm.

Own orchard so that the food of proximity takes its maximum to the letter.

Gardens and small farms in hotels started as an incentive for families with children and is becoming another need for responsible consumption. Every day we see more hotels with their own orchard where vegetables and fruits are grown which will become the menu of the day for customers.

When he opened Pullman Barcelona 13 years ago, he did it with his own garden. The same chef left the kitchen and a few meters away he could pick up a mint leaf to prepare a good cocktail or some basil leaves to give the perfect point to a pasta dish. The orchard is currently in the process of being rebuilt after remodelling the hotel.

Some Accor, for example in Warsaw, have also placed a whole series of beehives to make their own breakfast honey.

Recycling the order of the day

The heated swimming pool on the terrace of Pullman Barcelona

The most natural thing in the world will be to recycle and have all the materials go into their intended container.

At Pullman Barcelona this practice is the order of the day and many of us had not even considered thinking about all the staff dedicated to opening each of the garbage bags that are collected from the rooms and manually segment each of the materials to place it in its corresponding place.

Forget about the old light bulbs, all LEDs.

Breakfast room

LED bulbs are ten times more efficient than traditional bulbs. They do not use wire, nor filaments in its interior and surpasses by far its useful life. Probably, in 10 years time Led light bulbs will have been replaced by even cheaper ones. In Pullman Barcelona all the lights are Led, that implied a great investment that with time will result in less expense and the customer will not even notice the difference.

Straws and coffee removers will cease to be plastic

Views of the interior courtyard from the balcony of the room

The war on plastic was barely heard a few years ago. Today, it’s becoming something of a real necessity. Some scientists speculate that in around 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the sea.

In the Pullman Barcelona Skipper, for example, the classic drinking straws have been turned into cardboard straws made from biodegradable corn. The coffee removers in the room are made of bamboo. From the same bamboo we can see creces in the landscaped zones of the hotel.

We will go with a bottle of water on top that we will be able to fill in different points of the city

Water Km 0 and cardboard corn straws

What’s the point of buying a plastic bottle so you can drink water? I suppose that in a few years this practice will seem as distant to us as the habit of smoking inside airplanes.

In Pullman Barcelona, as well as in the other hotels of the Accor chain, they work with KmZero. The hotel has filtered water of excellent taste that we can refill in reusable glass containers.

We can also walk around Barcelona and recharge our bottles in the different dispensers that exist throughout the city.

The parking lot will be full of electricity.

One of the electric chargers in the parking lot of Pullman Barcelona

Enter a parking lot and load the car. Forget the gas stations. That day will come and some of the users of Pullman Barcelona can already enjoy this practice in the electric charger stations of the hotel parking lot.

Views to the outside from the room

In the near future I don’t think we’ll see cars flying. The future lies in taking care of the planet, being more aware of the expense we generate and achieving a model of sustainability capable of reversing the damage we have already caused. We hope to see more hotels like Pullman Barcelona following the example.

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