Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport and its commitment to sustainability

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, habitacion

The Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport of the Accor Hotels chain does not seem, a priori, a hotel that would choose someone who wants to be in the center of Valencia to be able to tour the city on foot. What is certain is that it is the ideal accommodation for those (both for business and pleasure trips) who want to be well communicated, as their entry and exit is very easy by car. The hotel is very well connected by road, not far from the airport and very close to the large shopping centre of Bonaire, the place with the most complete shopping and leisure offer in Valencia.

The advantages over other accommodations within the city (and over others around the airport), is the perfect balance between a functional and welcoming hotel with spacious and spacious rooms at very affordable prices. In addition, we have always said that it must be the tourism companies and the travellers themselves who lead the commitment to sustainable tourism. We will also see what measures the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport carries out in this regard.

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Discovering the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, exteriores

After accessing through the road and the shopping center, its situation would make us think that it is a polygon hotel a little cold, but just park in the free parking of the facilities themselves, we are welcomed to the hotel a small garden area that makes the effects of chill out area, which separates the entrance from the parking, both physically and psychologically.

Although what really is a very pleasant surprise is the very entrance of the hotel that shares space with the cafeteria and restaurant and several areas of sofas of different aesthetics and environments. This concept of “multispace friendly” makes us see that we are dealing with a hotel concept that is both different and functional. These small areas are decorated with colors and furniture that transmits tranquility, imprints personality and creates an atmosphere that invites you to relax and disconnect (or work if necessary) in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, zona de trabajo

With this the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport has managed to break with the coldness of the minimalist and isolated receptions of the hotels on the outskirts, making the stay – even if it is short or for work reasons – a very welcoming experience. In addition, the foosball table that you find as soon as you enter, is only a physical sample of the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere that the hotel really manages to transmit.

The reception ceases to be a place to wait, to become a space to enjoy or work. There are many different types of chairs and environments available. In fact, you will find from armchairs to armchairs and sofas of multiple sizes and designs, all of them very comfortable.

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, despachos

This invites both to work in a relaxed way as to disconnect, spend a pleasant time or even have a work appointment, as we can find sofas with table that have plugs and usb that also allow a more private space, yes is what we need, which allows us to talk and work. In addition, you’ll have an excellent Wi-Fi connection without limitations of any kind.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, zona comun

But beyond an aesthetic issue, the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto is implementing a sustainable development program that joins the so-called Planet21 of Accor Hotels. Travelers are increasingly aware of the environmental footprint and it is a pleasure to see how there are hotels that are getting to it as efficiently as this accommodation is doing. Taking care of every detail, from the smallest to the largest, thus becoming a hotel that not only has a pleasant aesthetics but also cares about the environment in all areas of their work. How can we see all this commitment? Let’s find out.


Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, habitacion

Both in the rooms and in the common areas, the structure and architecture of the hotel make it possible to take advantage of natural light at all times. However, if this is not possible due to daylight hours or weather conditions, the hotel uses LED or low power light in all rooms and common areas. These lights also make the lighting of the room much more pleasant.

The rooms of the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, logo

As soon as we enter the room, we see that despite being a functional hotel the rooms are spacious, spacious and very comfortable. They have a table to work next to the window and some of them a sofa convertible into a sofa bed, ideal in the case that we travel as a family and want to have a room for the whole troop.

The bed linen is eco-responsible and in addition to plugs, all rooms have several USB connectors. In the same way, the hotel has provided the hottest rooms with an external cover to prevent excess heat from entering them and maintaining a constant temperature. This also avoids excessive use of the air conditioning or the need to intensify its power.

Bathroom, towels, water saving and amenities

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, toallas

Without a doubt, the issue of water is the most worrying in relation to sustainability, which is why this aspect is one of the strong points of the Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport Hotel. All showers and washbasins are equipped with flow limiters to reduce water consumption. The accommodation also monitors the reading of these meters in order to identify any anomaly in water consumption, thus detecting more easily if there is a fault that may cause increased water consumption.

Travelers are increasingly aware of the responsible consumption of resources, which is why the hotel proposes to reuse towels. If you consider that you can still use them and they are clean, you only have to hang them, if you leave them on the floor it means that you want them changed. From the hotel, they also tell you how much of the water and energy savings will be used to plant trees or carry out other projects related to organic farming. We as travelers have to be aware that it is not always necessary to change towels daily and it is a very pleasant surprise to know that in addition to reducing water consumption, other ecological actions are possible.

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, bano

We still don’t get out of the bathroom because here you will find another of the battle horses of sustainable tourism and that is to stop using single-use amenities. All those plastic containers and bars of soap that are left to half use and that have to go to the garbage. For quite some time now the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport has been using eco amenities such as large refillable soap dispensers. It is much more comfortable for the user when showering or washing hands, in addition to the thousand lives that will have that soap dispenser.

The bathroom space is designed in such a way that it conveys spaciousness and comfort. In addition, we will always find a shower instead of a bathtub, a basic rule for water saving.

Breakfast at Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, leche desnatada

For us a good breakfast is essential, we are unable to leave home without breakfast in the same way that we can not stay in a hotel that does not offer breakfast … for something they say it is the most important meal of the day.

In the breakfast buffet of the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport you can find a wide range of pastries and breads as well as fruit, cold cuts, cereals, jams and juices. But it is not so much he who offers himself, but he who offers himself. Single-use breakfast containers have been reduced by offering jam in large jars, as have yoghurts and cereals. Buying in bulk not only allows for more careful aesthetics but also really eliminates the already démodé need, fortunately, to have to consume jams in single-use plastic containers.

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, desayuno

The fruit offered by the hotel in its buffet is also seasonal, a more sustainable practice that also provides a much more authentic flavor, as local products are consumed. It seems that it makes perfect sense to want to eat grapes that taste like grapes and bananas that taste like bananas, and that means making both users and consumers aware of this.

The Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport in addition to offering buffet breakfast has a restaurant with a varied menu in which no fish is scheduled that is in danger of extinction.

Fotos Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Aeropuerto, futbolin

The restaurant area also offers some afterwork evenings enlivened by small concerts and live music. This makes the stay more welcoming, as well as turning it into a meeting point to enjoy a pleasant afternoon even if you are not staying at the hotel.

The hotel also recycles cardboard, glass and plastics, with large containers. It also uses “Eco label” certified cleaning products.

After visiting the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport it is clear to me that the new image of the hotel is not only a merely aesthetic issue or to make the stay more pleasant to travelers, but also has an ecological awareness that is seen in each of its actions and details. For example, you check out electronically to send digital invoices to customers and have to stop using paper unnecessarily. Technologies can be a great support for sustainable tourism and at the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Airport they know it well and are putting it into practice.

What did you think of our stay at the Hotel Ibis Valencia Bonaire Accor Hotels Airport? Do you mind if your accommodation practices sustainable tourism? Tell us in the comments.

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