Free charity tour of your home to stop the Coronavirus

Making convoluted sudokus, painting relaxing mandalas, finishing a series, exercising the body or playing the chef are some of the things we can do in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. Many members of the health staff are turning their attention to this problem that concerns us all. From Civitatis we want to propose a solidarity action to help this cause.

Due to these times of home confinement, we cannot do activities in the street, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy the corners of our house. With the free tour of your house, you will contribute financially to help the hospitals in Spain in this fight against the coronavirus. We will try to collaborate with the Ministry of Health in order to organize the priorities.

This charity tour will be available from March 20th. In addition, Civitatis will increase your contribution by 10%. That means that if you contribute 10 euros, Spanish hospitals will receive 11 euros. You can sign up or send it to your family and friends. Even if you do not collaborate financially, you will have the opportunity to support our initiative to stop the virus.

If you want to do the charity circuit, remember that you can do it on different days. For example, one day you can dust off those board games from the shelf and then have an adventure reading one of those books you left halfway through. Another day, you can organize that closet that you always left for another time due to lack of time. While you’re tidying up, you can think about which trip you’ll wear that dress, that shirt or the sandals in the back – your house can become a real maze of activities!

The trips can wait, but now we all need to do our bit to solve the situation. With this charity event, you will be helping to ensure that there is no shortage of masks, medicines, hygiene products and medical equipment in all the country’s hospitals.

Remember that every day you have an appointment at your window at 8pm. Applause, whistles and songs, all applauding for the same cause! Don’t forget that together we can make it #and stay home-