The Temple of Augustus in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

A Roman temple in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter? For many people from Barcelona who have passed around the streets of the Cathedral of Barcelona thousands of times, it would be a discovery to know that a few metres away from where they circulate, the enormous Roman columns of the temple of Augustus still rise.

Inside the building where the current headquarters of the Excursionist Centre of Catalonia is located, at 10 Paradís Street, four columns 9 metres high keep the memory of the old Roman temple dedicated to Augustus.

The colossal Roman columns of the Temple of Augustus

Today, a small room with seating support allows us to admire them. The entrance is free and you can do it while you do your itinerary through the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

The origins of the temple date back to the 1st century BC. At that time we have to imagine a small Barcino. The center was located on Mount Táber (the heart of the Gothic Quarter with barely 17 meters of altitude). There were two main streets crossing the city from north to south (Cardus Maximus) and from east to west (Decumanus Maximus). In the place where both streets converged, the Roman forum and the main buildings where the religious, political and economic powers converged were erected. Like any other Roman city of the time.

Among these buildings, the temple of Augustus stood out in the centre of ancient Barcino. During the Middle Ages many of the elements were used for reconstruction and, today, only these four huge columns that came from the back of the temple of Augustus have survived.

In the same door that gives access to the Temple you will observe a stone of mill that marks the highest point of the old mount Táber (16,9 meters) where the old Roman city of Barcelona was constituted.

Practical information for visiting the temple of Augustus


Monday: 10 am to 2 pm Tuesday to Saturday: 10 pm to 7 pm Sunday: 10 pm to 8 pm Closed on 1 January, 1 May, 24 June and 25 December.

Entrance fee:

This is an interior courtyard where you can see the columns that we can access from Paradís street.

How to get there:

The yellow line L4 with the stop of Jaume I is the nearest. Surrounding the Cathedral behind you will find Paradís street.

Location: Carrer del Paradís, 10, 08002 Barcelona