Two years

Exactly 2 years ago we arrived in Barcelona. Not for the first time, but with a medium suitcase, a set of sheets, a folder full of papers and 2 towels. This time we weren’t passing through, we weren’t with our backpacks and we weren’t travelling by finger.

Two years ago, too, and as if I had been pressing a button and turning off the light, we stopped writing on the blog. Not for lack of stories, not for lack of travel.

But this picture isn’t from that day. But a few days before. When we were still hesitating between using that return ticket we had to Buenos Aires or accepting the job proposal we had in Barcelona, we had finished our 20-month trip to the former Soviet socialist republics. Yes, we had set out to rebuild the entire ex-URRS. All hitchhiking with a budget of 10 usd a day. We were tired and we arrived in Barcelona wanting to slow down a bit and nest again. Buenos Aires was an option, the only option, but in the middle and with the return ticket already printed, Barcelona appeared. And there the parties and a family trip through Spain and Portugal. And us, hesitating. Go back to Buenos Aires or stay in Barcelona? This picture was coming back from Seville. The plane circled the Mediterranean and faced the airport. And that’s where we saw her. The whole city, the mountains and the sea. In fact, if you zoom in on the photo you can even see the Holy Family. And it was this image from the window of a lowcost flight that convinced us to stay here. Yes, we went back to Buenos Aires. But it was only for a week, to replace hugs and grab those few things we brought with us. And here we are, for the last 2 years doing base in this city that every day we like more, making that transition from fulltime travelers to expatriate couple. Because no matter how much we choose to build our home here, the heart is always looking south.O… it will be that porteƱo melancholy that the tango knew how to transmit and that we did not climb to leave the other side of the pond.

Happy 2 years Barcelona.