Tips for taking care of your skin while travelling

Due to a chronic disease I have suffered from for almost 20 years, skin care is something I always have to take into account when I travel. I also do it at home, but obviously when you travel your skin is much more exposed to conditions that can deteriorate it, like the sun, wounds, water with very different bacteria than your body is used to, etc.

If you don’t pay attention to these details, you can end up getting sick during your trip, as I have done before, either by getting sunburned or suffering a serious infection through a wound or scratch.

To try to avoid this type of setback, and after many years of experience in the field, I can leave you this guide to take care of your skin while you travel, with certain guarantees that it will work:

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Always keep in mind the climate you will find in the area you are traveling to

Most of the time, many travelers underestimate the influence of a new climate on their skin. Coming prepared plays a vital role in helping our skin adapt to the changes that occur while traveling.

For example, if you’re going to a cold, dry place, you’ll need to pack some moisturizers that are good for your skin, and good protective lip balm can make it harder for your skin to crack. Likewise, if you’re traveling in a hot, humid climate, you’re likely to have oily skin and be more prone to breakouts. In these cases, wearing some oil-free products is always an excellent option.

Moisturizes the skin as often as needed

Yes, I admit that I don’t usually like either – and I’m not sure why – the contact of the creams with my epidermis. However, the fundamental rule of good skin, regardless of the circumstances, is a good moisturizer base. Simple, lightweight moisturizers work best.

Remember that not only do you have to worry about this when you are already travelling to your destination, but there are also many factors that can vary the PH level of your skin while you are in a closed and narrow space, such as a train, bus or flight. That’s why you should apply a little moisturizer before you travel.

Don’t abuse foundation

This measure is especially useful for girls. There are many excellent alternatives to a heavy foundation, such as a good coloured moisturiser or an oil-free mineral powder. Makeup base tends to become very oily after a few hours and can end up clogging pores, causing more skin problems and leaving the skin looking tired and worn out. There are some excellent products available, such as all-natural eye lift cream to avoid this type of crisis and make your face and eyes look brighter and fresher without tons of creamy makeup.

Take care of your skin while traveling, drinking lots of water

I don’t think this will come as a surprise to you, but I can confirm that drinking enough water works miracles for our body and our skin.

Many people drink high-sugar beverages while traveling to hydrate their bodies, but this does not help the skin at all. Drinking enough water, on the other hand, can do some miracles for your skin.

On average, on a flight, men lose about 2 liters of water, while women use about 1.6 liters, which is about 4% of our total body water. This is why you always feel your mouth dry during and after a long flight. This means that you should not only drink as much water as you do at home, but also compensate for the water you lose while flying.

Once you’re at your destination, if the water is unreliable, don’t forget to bring a bottle of purifying water – or pills – so you can hydrate yourself whenever and wherever you go.

Make the sunscreen your best friend

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In my many travels in tropical places and near the equator, I have had to deal, almost always, with an impressive sun. The sun is a real danger to our skin when we travel.

Many people don’t like to apply sunscreen, but no one can deny its importance, especially if you’re one of those people who gets burned as soon as the first ray of sunshine hits you (I’m sure you’ve seen examples near your house of shrimp being turned into real shrimp shortly after taking off your shirt).

In case you don’t like applying a sticky white substance to your face and body, there are a number of different alternatives available today: the typical sunscreen cream, sunscreen spray and sunscreen makeup. However, don’t forget to find out what type of skin you have before choosing a particular sunscreen, as not all sunscreens are suitable for all skin types.

As far as the degree of protection is concerned, if you are going to travel to hot places, never buy anything below a factor of 30. However, also bear in mind that above 50 it is all the same, with that factor 50 being the maximum protection.

Avoid touching your face

The average person touches their face about 20 times an hour. Considering the amount of bacteria that live on the surfaces of airplanes, you will pass thousands of these bacteria every time you touch your face. Most of the time, this happens unconsciously and you can’t really stop it, but you can disinfect your hands as often as possible while traveling.

Once you are at your destination, things multiply, because you will find bacteria almost everywhere, and many of them will be unknown to your skin.

Wash your face while you travel

Have you ever considered washing your face while on a long international flight? Flying makes your skin vulnerable to bacteria found on surfaces such as seats, trays and magazines, and it’s very important to maintain hygiene during the trip. Many beauty experts have confessed that every time they spend a whole day on a long flight, they set an alarm to go to the bathroom to do their usual cleaning routine and re-apply their moisturizer. However, you won’t always have the means to safely wash your face (clean water, adequate soap, etc.), so the next best thing would be to clean with a soft facial cloth.

Putting an end to oily skin

Traveling means going to new places and this means trying new foods and consuming things that may not be suitable for your skin, making it more prone to problems.

Blotting papers are the ideal skin toner and most people have no idea what they are actually used for. If you’re one of those people don’t worry, it’s never too late to start your skin care routine. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to try new products or has sensitive skin, you can always make your own do-it-yourself blotters simply by using rice paper, tissues, wet wipes or paper towels.

Pack all your skin products in small cans

Although you may want to take an entire arsenal of skin care products with you, you have to consider that you only have limited space in your bags. But how do you pack all your essential skin care products without taking up too much space? Well, by putting different doses in small, travel-sized, eco-friendly containers. What if you can’t find the perfect containers for your trip? You can always DIY or use any reusable container.

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