How is Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world?

Chocolates, hearts, candlelight dinners and bouquets. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many places around the world, although not everywhere is the same. In the corners of thousands of cities, love and signs of affection are present this day. Did you know that the heart rhythms of two people in love synchronize when they look at each other?

No matter where you are on February 14th, from Civitatis we show you the most romantic plans for this special date.

Verona, romantic like Romeo and Juliet

The city known worldwide for the tragic Romance of Romeo and Juliet dresses up in hearts on Valentine’s Day. The custom is to go to Piazza dei Signori and kiss for a minute. You can take a guided tour of Verona and discover the most passionate corners. Or take a tour on a Vespa and ride two wheels through the Italian city of Verona.

Kyoto, chocolate-proof

Valentine’s Day is a great day in Japan. The peculiarity is that it is women who give the gift to men and not just any gift, they give chocolates and chocolate candy. The idea is to make them homemade, but more and more people are buying industrial candy. If you are spending a few days in Kyoto, you can celebrate love with a romantic bike tour.

Jerusalem, vineyards and full moon

The Jewish religion celebrates Tu B’Av, a holiday celebrated between July and August in which love is the protagonist. According to the Torah, on this day the young men went out under the full moon to court the women dressed in white in the vineyards. If you are in the Holy City, you can take a full guided tour of Jerusalem and discover the adventures and love affairs of the city.

Lima, gastronomic experiences

Did you know that in Lima it is a tradition to give orchids on Valentine’s Day? This flower is native to the country and is a common gift on the day of love. Although many Peruvians choose to celebrate affection with candlelight dinners, the palate always wins! You can taste the flavors of Lima any day of the year with a gastronomic tour of the historic center of Lima or take a boat ride at sunset.

Acra, National Chocolate Day

It could not be otherwise, Ghana is the largest exporter of cocoa in the world, which is why World Chocolate Day is celebrated throughout the country on 14 February. If you have a sweet tooth and are spending a holiday in Acra, you can sign up for a 12-day circuit in which you will discover the best kept secrets of chocolate.

New York, love in all its glory

New Yorkers celebrate Valentine’s Day as a big event. It’s not hard to see Time Square decorated with a big heart or marriage announcements in the middle of the Empire State Building. Do you want to surprise your partner with a New York dinner cruise? Another option to declare eternal love is a ride in a buggy in Central Park.

Paris, love and light

The City of Light radiates love from all its corners. Paris is the capital of romanticism par excellence. Do you want to celebrate February 14th with a night tour, cruise on the Seine and a visit to the Eiffel Tower? Affectionate declarations and a red heart will be projected on Valentine’s Day at the symbol of the city. This will help you to express your feelings to that special person.