How to get from Kiev airport to the city centre

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is a city of great cultural importance – it has more than 40 museums – and an example as an ecological city, since it is one of the largest cities in the world, with trees (being the horse chestnut the most common species) and parks spread all over its extension, besides having two botanical gardens. Moreover, in its long history – believed to begin around the fifth century – Kiev has also been the main eastern centre of the Orthodox Christian Church. Proof of this is the designation of its most important religious sites as World Heritage Sites: Hagia Sophia Cathedral and the Monastery of the Caves.

If you want to visit Kiev, you will find a city where it is still strange to see tourists, thus giving it an extraordinary authenticity.

The usual point of entry to Kiev is Boryspil airport, which has annual passenger traffic of nearly 13 million.

Kiev airport is about 35 km from the city centre. To get from Kiev airport to the city centre you have the following options:

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Train from Kiev Airport to the city centre

One of the most convenient options for getting from Kiev airport to the city centre by public transport is the train. The line between the two points was inaugurated in December 2018 and has been a great success with passengers.

Itinerary: At Kiev airport, the train station is located about 100 meters north of terminal D. In the city centre, the only stop is Kiev-Pasazhyrskyi Central Station. The only stop in between is Darnytsia in the eastern part of town. At Kiev Central Station, the train to the airport leaves from platform 14.
Travel time: It takes about 40 minutes to get from Kiev airport to the centre (central train station).
Frequency: to get from Kiev airport to the centre you can take one of the two trains per hour from the stations. There are trains at night too, but only one every two hours.
Prices and tickets: train tickets cost 80 UAH (about 3 euros) for adults, and 60 UAH for children. You can buy them at the vending machines in Terminal D and at the Kiev train station. Please note that you can only pay by card, not cash.
Timetable: you can find the complete train schedule from Kiev airport to the centre on the Kyiv Boryspil Express website.

Bus from Kiev Airport to the city centre

The other option of public transport is somewhat slower and more uncomfortable than the train, but it has the great advantage that it works 24 hours a day. This is the number 322 bus, also called the Sky Bus.

Itinerary: At Kiev Airport, the bus stop is on the left side of the exit from Terminal D. There is also another stop at Terminal F. In the city centre, the final stop is the Central Railway Station (the bus stop is at the back of the station), also known as Pivdennyi (South Terminal). Another stop is Kharkivska metro station (line 3) in southeast Kiev.
Frequency: there is a bus between Kiev airport and the center (and vice versa) every 15 minutes, being one every 30 or 45 minutes during the night.
Journey time: approximately one hour, depending on traffic.
Prices and tickets: the single ticket costs 100 UAH (for both adults and children), and 200 UAH for the return ticket. They can be purchased in advance on the Sky Bus website. If you are not so far-sighted, you can always buy it from the airport and station vending machines, or directly from the driver. If you combine the bus ticket with a subway trip to get to your hotel, you should know that the subway ticket costs only 8 UAH.
Schedules: The Sky Bus is operational 24 hours a day. For specific schedules, you can check the official website.

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Car rental at Kiev Airport

If you have some time to explore both Kiev and its surroundings, it might not be a bad idea to rent a car at Kiev airport. In Terminal D you will find counters for Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Budget and Avis.

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Taxi from Kiev Airport to the city centre

Another way to get from Kiev airport to the city centre is by taxi. They usually cost around 500 UAH and the journey can take half an hour.

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