How to get from Iguazu Airport to the city center

Iguazu Falls is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I have visited the place twice and I know that this incredible spectacle of water and nature would continue to make my hair stand on end even if I witnessed it a hundred times. I still remember when, being only about 12 years old, I first saw the film ‘The Mission’ (1986) on television and decided that I wanted to visit that beautiful place where the Jesuit missionary was thrown, tied to a wooden cross, as soon as the film began.

That was the reason why I tried to enrol in the Ruta Quetzal, then captained by the great Miguel de la Cuadra Salcedo. I had no luck, and I had to wait until 2004 to be able to fulfill my dream. And he didn’t let me down.

Among the most useful tips for visiting the Iguazu Falls is to highlight how to get there. On that occasion, I flew to the International Airport of Puerto Iguazu (also known as Iguazu Falls).

Devil’s Throat

Puerto Iguazu Airport is small, receives just over 1.1 million passengers each year and is about 25 km from the city center.

To get from Puerto Iguazu Airport to the city center, transportation options are quite limited, but here are a few:

If you don’t want to complicate your life, here you can book your transfer directly from Puerto Iguazú Airport to your final destination:

Public transportation from Puerto Iguazu Airport to downtown Puerto Iguazu

Although it may seem strange, there is no public transportation service that connects the center of Puerto Iguazu with the Puerto Iguazu Airport.

Van or shared transportation to go from Puerto Iguazú Airport to the center of Puerto Iguazú.

Since it is not possible to go by public transportation from Puerto Iguazú Airport to the center, perhaps the best alternative is to take one of the shared combis (or vans) that are offered in the arrivals area of the airport.

All you have to do to take one is pick up your luggage, go to the counter and say what hotel you are staying at.

The price is usually about 400-450 ARS (Argentine pesos) per trip and, depending on where your hotel is located, the trip can take about 30-45 minutes by car.

Taxi to go from Puerto Iguazu Airport to downtown Puerto Iguazu

Another more private option is the taxi. The price of a taxi or remís (service very similar to the taxi and famous in Argentina) from Puerto Iguazú Airport to a downtown hotel is around 20€-23€ (1.200-1400 pesos). As there are no stops at other hotels (unlike the combi), the journey time is somewhat shorter.

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Car rental at Puerto Iguazú Airport

If you want to visit the Iguazu Falls area on your own, or even visit the old missions in the area, it might not be a bad idea to rent a car at the Puerto Iguazu Airport. Here you have the option to do it with companies like Hertz, Avis or Iguazú Rentacar.

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