How to get from Cartagena de Indias Airport to the city centre

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In the north of Colombia, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, is one of the colonial pearls not only of the country, but of all South America and, according to Unesco, of the world.

Cartagena de Indias is a spectacular city in which every stone of its ancient walled city has a story to tell. From here, the galleons, loaded with silver and gold, set out for Spain.

Cartagena withstood dramatic military sieges and was always considered one of the most important squares in the Spanish New World. Nowadays, thousands of tourists walk, every day, through the cobbled streets of its intramural zone, marveling at the architecture of the dozens of monuments found there.

At nightfall, life spreads through every pore of Cartagena, and people dine, talk, dance and have fun until the early hours of the morning.

cartagena de Indias colombia

Part of the walled city of Cartagena de Indias seen from the sea

If you want to enjoy all these plans, perhaps you should take a flight to Cartagena de Indias Airport, known as Rafael Núñez International Airport.

Cartagena de Indias Airport was inaugurated in 1920 and consists of two terminals (one domestic and one international) from which they depart and to which flights arrive to and from Colombia and other countries in South America, North America and Europe. The airlines operating at Cartagena de Indias Airport are Air Panama, Avianca, Copa, Delta, EasyFly, JetBlue, KLM, LATAM, VivaAir Colombia, Wingo and Spirit Airlines.

The airport, which has an annual passenger throughput of more than 5.5 million people, is about 3 kilometres north-west of the centre of Cartagena. These are the best options you have to go from Cartagena de Indias Airport:

If you don’t want to complicate your life, here you can book your transfer directly from Cartagena de Indias airport to your final destination:

Bus to go from Cartagena de Indias Airport to the city centre

The cheapest, but also slowest way to get from Rafael Núñez Airport to the centre of Cartagena de Indias is to take the Metrocar Route B bus.

cartagena colombia

Colourful buildings in the historic centre

The stops he makes are as follows:

From the Airport to the Bus Terminal: Rafael Núñez Airport, Avenida Santander, Centro – Indio Catalina, Castillo de Sanfelipe, Mercado de Bazurto, Avenida Crisanto Luque, Avenida del Bosque and Bomba del Amparo.
From the Transport Terminal to Cartagena de Indias Airport: the same, in the opposite direction.

Hours are between 6:50 a.m. and 11:45 p.m., with an average frequency of about 10 minutes per service.

Taxi to go from Cartagena de Indias Airport to the city center

To go from Cartagena de Indias Airport to the center, one of the options is the taxi, although it will always be safer and carefree to have contracted a private transfer service.

If you opt for the taxi and arrive on an international flight, look for the electronic machines just to the right, just outside customs control. When you put the address you want to go to, the machine issues a ticket showing the price to pay.

If you arrive through the domestic terminal, there is a window on the left hand side and there you will be given a ticket when you tell them where you are going.

You can also try to go out into the street and look for a taxi directly, but the most common thing is that taxi drivers try to scam you, charging you a much higher price.

To get from Cartagena de Indias Airport to the city centre, you should pay around 12,000 pesos (COP), although there are certain hotels in the Centre for which it will cost you up to 14,000 or 15,000 COP.

If you want to travel between the bus terminal in Cartagena de Indias and the airport, the price is around 26,000 COP.

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Car rental in Cartagena de Indias Airport

It is not very common to rent cars at Cartagena de Indias Airport, but if you want to do so, you should know that there are Avis and Budget counters right in the external lounge of the national arrivals area.

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