How to make the most of Christmas in Valencia

Valencia is a city I love. It is just over an hour and a half away and, although I prefer to live in my native Alicante due to family and affective ties and its size, I admit that I like to escape to the capital of my Autonomous Community when I have the chance.

When the Christmas season arrives, Valencia, like so many other cities, fills itself with lights and decorates its streets for the joy of children and adults.

It is a time of joy, celebration and fun and Valencia is one of the cities that knows how to satisfy, at Christmas, tourists and locals. If you are thinking of spending Christmas in Valencia, here are the best ideas so you don’t get bored for a second:

Christmas in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

At Christmas, Valencia City Council is one of the main architects of the festival and installs Christmas trees and nativity scenes in different parts of the city.

The large Christmas tree in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia was lit for the first time on 29 November, accompanied by traditional Christmas carols. It will remain lit until 7 January 2020, joining its magic to the other 11 Christmas trees that are scattered throughout the centre of Valencia.

Other activities in this square, within the program of things to do at Christmas in Valencia are:

Ice skating: open from 29 November to 6 January. From Monday to Sunday, from 11:00h to 23:00h (except 24 and 31 December, which will be until 20:00h)
Carousel: the youngest can enjoy this beautiful merry-go-round with the same timetable as the ice rink and for 3.50€ per trip.
Merchants’ Christmas train: if you don’t want to get too tired, this year you can take a Christmas train from the Town Hall Square that will take you to the most emblematic places in the centre of Valencia. There are five different routes and it will be operational between 30 November and 5 January.

The routes of the Christmas train are:

Route 1 (yellow): 11:00h-13:30h-18:00h -19:30h
Route 2 (red): 11:30h-16:30h-20:30h
Route 3 (dwelling): 12:00h-17:00h-18:30h
Route 4 (blue): 12:30h – 17:30h -19:00h
Route 5 (black): 13:00h – 16:00h – 20:00h

Rent a car with a discount of up to 15%:

Christmas markets and fairs in Valencia

Among the most typical things to do in Valencia at Christmas are visits to Christmas fairs and markets. In them you can buy gifts, Christmas decorations, things for the nativity scene, typical sweets and various trinkets and curiosities.

Some of the best Christmas markets in Valencia are:

Christmas Attractions Fair until January 26, 2020
Christmas market at Mas Camarena Resort (November 30)
Solidarity market ‘Soñar despierto’ in Espacio By Teté (4 and 5 December)
il Market. Special ‘Todo a un euro’ (8 December)
Christmas Crafts Fair (from 29 November to 6 January)
Christmas market in the centre (from 29 November to 6 January)
Mostra de Artesanía en el Mercado de Colón (from 12 December to 5 January)
El Creativo, design market (December 14 and 15)
Christmas Market at the City of Arts and Sciences (from 14th December to 6th January)
HoHoHo! Nadal Market in Tapinería Market (from December 19 to January 5)

Christmas Nativity Scenes in Valencia

The nativity scene is another crucial element of these Christmas festivities in Valencia 2019-2020 and in the capital of the Turia the nativity scene artists create real works of art. Therefore, visiting nativity scenes should be among your things to do in Valencia at Christmas. Some of the cribs that you can not miss this Christmas in Valencia are:

Belén en el Salón de Cristal del Ayuntamiento de València. Precioso Belén en el que hay que hacer largas colas pero que bien merece la pena. Abierto del 5 de diciembre al 4 de enero de 2020.
Belén artesanal en el Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana. Desde el 13 de diciembre.
Belén en la Plaza de la Reina. belén de tamaño natural que se puede ver entre 5 de diciembre y 7 de enero de 2020.
Belén en el Mercado de Colón: el horario de visita se corresponde con su horario comercial –> Every day of the week, from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Bethlehem in Nuevo Centro Valencia: this monumental Bethlehem will be on display from November 16 to January 5, 2019.
Bethlehem of Rock. they say of him that he is the one that has more figures of all Spain. You’ll be able to see it between December 8 and January 6.

Christmas Circus in Valencia

Many believe that it has gone out of fashion and only the acclaimed ‘Circo del Sol’ is saved, however, the circus seems to have taken on new vigour in recent times and is once again an essential component of Christmas in Valencia 2019. Children – and not so children – will be enthralled by the performances of the following circuses:

Circo Raluly Legacy: installed in the Marina of Valencia, presents its fresh and new show #TheMagicFormula between December 5 and February 2.
Ante The Magnificient: The Teatro La PlaZeta opens this Christmas in Valencia with a circus show that will include trapeze artists, acrobats, magicians … and all this accompanied by a magnificent story, told by the characters, and with which they get the audience into the bowels of the sensibility of the circus world. You can see it between December 23rd and January 4th.
Alaska Big Circus: A classic circus that appeals to children and adults. This year comes with two shows, one of animals made with 3D holograms and another called “The Lion King”. You can see from December 5 to January 12.
Wonderland Grand Circus: this circus has been cheering Christmas in Valencia for more than 40 years now. Bullet man, clowns, deadly jumps…This year he presents his new show: “Underworld”. November 29th, January, in front of the Bioparc.

San Silvestre Race in Valencia 2019

Another typical Christmas activity in Valencia 2019 is the mythical race that is celebrated in so many Spanish towns and reaches its XXXVI edition in Valencia. It will take place on 30 December and it is expected that some 19,000 runners will take the start, of which just over 600 will be professionals. In this popular race what matters is to dress up, laugh and have a good time. The distance to travel is 5,300 meters.

Exit: in Xàtiva street, in front of the Estación del Norte.
Departure time: 20:00 hours.

Christmas attraction fair in Valencia

The classic amusement fair – with its roller coaster, witch train, bumper cars and other dizzying attractions – will be one of the stars of Christmas fun in Valencia for the whole family.

Where: between Ingeniero Manuel Soto Street and Avenida de Francia.
When: from 1 December to 22 January.

New Year’s Eve in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

The entrance to the year 2020 must be made by taking the grapes in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia. Like this, big time.

The party will begin at around 22:30 on the night of December 31st. Then the bells will come at 12 o’clock, the fireworks and the balcony of the Town Hall will become an improvised stage, where some renowned DJs will make people dance until 1:30 in the morning. Then it will be time to go to different city parties to celebrate the New Year.

Cavalcade of the Kings of Valencia

The Christmas event in Valencia 2019-2020 that most excites children is the Three Kings Parade on the night of 5 January.

The Three Wise Men arrive at the Port of Valencia, coming from the East, by boat. It’ll be around 5:00 in the afternoon. An hour later, at 6 o’clock, they will begin to parade, together with dozens of fantasy floats, through the streets of the centre of Valencia. They will distribute tons of candies, gifts and illusion among the Valencian children. In addition, they will make us feel that illusion to the elders, through the eyes of the small ones.

The official route passes through the following streets: Navarro Reverter, Puerta del Mar, General Palanca, General Tovar, Paz, Plaza de la Reina, San Vicente, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Marqués de Sotelo.

They will arrive at the Town Hall around 8 p.m. and greet people from the balcony. Afterwards, the children will be able to talk to them, face to face, in the Crystal Hall of the Town Hall. A night full of illusion.

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