Bird’s eye view: Hermitage and Beach of San Pedro de Antromero in Asturias (video)

A few days before the State of Alarm was declared in Spain and the confinement of the population was mandatory because of the Coronavirus, I had the opportunity to fly a drone along the coast of Asturias, a DJI Mavic Mini.

As I told you in the article (with video) about the “unboxing” of the DJI Mavic Mini Combo, this drone weighs only 249 gr and mounts a powerful f/2.8 camera capable of recording up to 2.7K.

Its dimensions make it ideal to take it on a trip, before the Coronavirus and soon after all this happens.

In addition, international legislation on flying drones specifies in many cases (with national exceptions) that flight limitations and rules for drones are intended for aircraft weighing more than 250 grams.

This does not mean that a DJI Mavic Mini can be flown anywhere, even if it weighs 249 gr. Only that we have some flight options in places where heavier drones are not allowed or require prior administrative procedures.

One of the few places authorized to fly a drone on the central coast of Asturias is in Antromero in the council of Gozón, a narrow strip between Moniello (where the ZEPA or Special Protection Area for Birds of Cabo Busto-Lunco begins) and La Piedra (which borders on Carreño, even before reaching Candás, the area prohibited by the State Society for Maritime Rescue and Safety’s El Musel Aerodrome).

With a chapel of San Pedro, which dates back only to the middle of the last century, just a few metres from a slope that falls steeply to Antromero Beach, this area is the classic demonstration that in Asturias the Cantabrian Sea caresses the green meadows, separated from it by admirable cliffs (as you can see in this video with a panoramic view of the coast of Asturias from the West to the Centre, recorded as a passenger in a Vueling BCN-OVD).

In the video, and I excuse myself in advance because it’s only the second time I flew the drone outdoors (so I concentrated more in the “flying” part than in the “recording” part), you will see this area of beach, cliff, hermitage and houses after the sunset, just before the night fell.

It may not be the most beautiful part of the Asturias Coast, but it will serve as a reminder of some of the landscapes that are waiting for us when the Coronavirus nightmare is over.

Because, sooner or later, it will end.

Important information for flying a drone in Spain

Always fly with visual contact of the aircraft by the pilot (so-called Visual Line Of Sight) Do not exceed 120 m height or the highest obstacle within 150 m radius of the aircraft Fly only during daytime without adverse weather conditions Fly at least 8 km distance from airports or airfields Fly outside of controlled airspaces Restricted, FIZ or ATZ zones Please take into account, in case of making recordings or taking photographs, the Data Protection Act and the regulations on the right to privacy, one’s own image and similar. Ultimately, the legal regulation that applies in Spain to the use of drones is Royal Decree 1036/2017 (in the link you have it in .pdf in the BOE)

Keep in mind that there are areas that are not related to air traffic but where the flight of drones is restricted, such as National Parks, protected areas, etc.

In addition to the fact that you can visit AESA’s website, before flying your drone there are several recommended or essential tools for additional consultation: the unofficial Air Map application and the online map of ENAIRE, the operator of communication, navigation and surveillance services provided to aircraft circulating in our airspace.

This is AESA’s video of recommendations for the recreational use of drones, a basic reminder of the main rules to keep in mind when flying one of these wonders with a camera.

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