7 destinations in Europe for you to escape on the December 2019 bridge

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In less than a month, the average Spaniard will be on a 4 or 5 day bridge, depending on the Autonomous Community in which he or she resides. So that you can make the most of those days of leisure, here are 7 recommended destinations in Europe for the December 2019 holiday.

Although we like to fly (and have tried the honeys of doing so in Turkish Airlines Business Class), we have selected these 7 destinations bearing in mind that we do not want to spend too much time in the air.

And if we speak of time, in this case of bridge, those who live in Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Extremadura, Madrid, La Rioja, Ceuta or Melilla will have 5 days of bridge, from Thursday 6 December (Constitution Day) until Monday 10 December, because in those communities the holiday of 8 December (the Day of the Immaculate) is moved to Monday.

The others will have to “settle” for a 4-day December break.

So that you can take advantage of them, be it 4 or 5 days, here you have, with direct flights from Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities, 7 destinations to travel on the December holiday.

1Tallin (Estonia)

Image by Erkko Vuorensola in Pixabay

If you thought you knew everything about ancient Eastern Europe, in the middle of the Baltic Republics the small capital of Estonia will surprise you with a walled historic World Heritage centre and perfectly preserved cobblestone streets.

About 6 km from the city centre you will find a TV tower that rises 314 m above the ground and an observation platform to enjoy unparalleled views (especially if you buy the ticket for the outdoor terrace walk on the 22 floor at a height of 175 meters).

In addition, in the middle of December, Tallinn offers visitors one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, with a tradition of installing a Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square dating back to 1441.

Our proposals for Tallinn: A guided tour of Tallinn in Spanish, a private tour of Tallinn with a Spanish guide or discover Tallinn at your own pace thanks to the 38 stops of the Tallinn tourist bus that you can combine with the Tallinn Card, which offers free admission to over 40 attractions and discounts in shops and restaurants.

Check out this article on Viajablog to discover all the ways to get from Tallinn Airport to the city centre and have a look at this link to the prices and comforts of accommodation in Tallinn.

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2Prague (Czech Republic)

Image by Jan Blanicky in Pixabay

Although the capital of the Czech Republic is a classic for travelling at any time of the year, the December holiday gives us the opportunity to visit it when the streets are lively with Christmas markets in Peace Square, Tyl Square, Republic Square and Old Town Square.

In Viajablog we have told you in these articles about what to see in Prague on a 4 day trip, the Prague Christmas markets, what it is like to stay in the hotel where Kafka worked, different accommodation as a cheaper alternative, how to get from Prague Airport to the city centre and the 10 best excursions to do in and around Prague.

Our proposals to do in Prague: We suggest a complete tour of Prague or, since we are in season, a tour of the Christmas markets. Also, and without walking, you can do a Segway tour, an electric scooter tour or an electric scooter tour with treasure hunt.

Bearing in mind that from the Moldava River there are privileged views of the city, you can make a 2-hour cruise with live music and lunch or a night cruise with dinner. Once on land, you can’t leave Prague without enjoying one of the most typical scenic attractions, the black theatre.

To discover Prague on your own, you can combine the discounts and free access to the Prague Card and the 3 tourist bus lines. And if you want an original experience, don’t miss the chance to fire a real Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Have a look at this link to the prices and comforts of accommodation in Prague.

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3Budapest (Hungary)

Image by Gábor Bejó in Pixabay

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The double city of Budapest is separated by the Danube River, with the old Buddha on one side and Pest on the other. With municipal legislation limiting the height of buildings, its streets are relatively uniform in height, adding a special charm to a city that has architectural representations from Roman times to the very modern Palace of Arts.

Our proposals to do in Budapest: Discover Budapest with a tour of 4.5 hours through its streets and most representative buildings that will take you to enter without queues in its famous Parliament or make a Segway tour of the city. Enjoy the Danube River with a boat ride with lunch, or a cruise with dinner and live music (at 19:00 or 22:00).

Relax with a massage at Balneario Gellért or Balneario Széchenyi and if you want to discover Budapest on your own, combine the 24 stops and 2 lines of the Budapest tourist bus with free access, unlimited public transport and discounts on the Budapest Card.

If you want an original experience, don’t miss the tour of Budapest’s famous “ruin pubs”.

In these articles in Viajablog we have told you if it is worth the Budapest Card and, something essential, how to go from Budapest Airport to the city center and here you can take a look at the prices and comfort of accommodation in Budapest.

4London (United Kingdom)

Brexit has already carried three extensions, and many times more certain that their promoters have cursed the referendum that led to it, but yesterday, today and tomorrow, London remains one of the favorite destinations for Spaniards planning an escape.

In these articles that we have published in Viajablog you will find the five best things to do for free in London, how is the experience of getting on the Coca Cola London Eye, how is the only cable car in the city, the advantages of using the Oyster Card to get around London, where are the best views of London, which are the 10 best day trips from London and how to get to central London from the airports of Heathrow, Stansted (we loved EasyBus), Gatwick or Luton. In addition, here you can have a look at the prices and comfort of hotels in London.

Our proposals in London: It is not easy to select what to do in London, even if you have four days, but we have chosen to recommend a series of visits and activities that we consider essential, such as visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral (with multimedia guide in Spanish), Westminster Abbey (with audio guide in Spanish), visiting the tallest skyscraper in the United Kingdom, The Shard, with audioguide in Spanish, climb to 52 m height of the O2, tour the historic light cruise HMS Belfast anchored in the Thames, climb the London Eye Ferris wheel (with or without tails), discover the jewels of the Crown in the Tower of London or, since we are in the season, sign up for a London Christmas tour.

If we look for more curious experiences the fans of the four of Liverpool can enjoy the Tour of the Beatles by London. If you’re a fan of J.K. Rowling’s books, you’ll love the Harry Potter Tour, whether at the Warner studios where the films were shot or in London.

To discover London independently, you can combine the 4 routes and 50 stops of the London tourist bus with free or discounted access to 80 attractions of The London Pass card.

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5Flanders (Belgium)

Brussels, Bruges and Ghent would be the three recommended destinations in Flanders for a 4 or 5 day getaway on December’s bank holiday. The Grand Plaza in Brussels, the canals of Bruges and the festive atmosphere of Ghent are already more than enough reasons to offer you not one but three destinations in the area, although we have already given you 7 reasons to travel to Belgium in an article in Viajablog.

With an hour or less by car or public transport between them, you can choose not to change destinations every night and stay overnight in one place, if the idea of packing and unpacking doesn’t appeal to you.

In these articles we have published in Viajablog you have more information about what to see in Bruges in 24 hours, what to see in Bruges in 48 hours, our experience with gastronomy in Brussels and our list of the best Spanish excursions from Brussels. Here you can have a look at the prices and comfort of hotels in Brussels, Bruges and Ghent.

Our proposals in Flanders: If you are really in a hurry and want to explore other Belgian cities on your own, there is a Spanish-language tour from Brussels to Ghent and Bruges (10 hours). However, we prefer to recommend that if you are going to meet them on a tour, do it on separate days, doing a tour of Ghent on one side (9.5 hours) and a tour of Bruges on the other (9.5 hours).

You can also make the visit on your own, using in Brussels your Brussels Card combined with the Brussels tourist bus. In the same city do not miss two tours with tastings of two emblematic products, a tour of Belgian beer and a tour of Belgian chocolate.

As a curious activity, you can attend a Belgian chocolate workshop and become a baker for a day.


Image by M W in Pixabay

Although Nature made disappear one of its own creations, and tourist attraction, the “Azure Window” (Blue Window), the disappearance of that rocky formation over the sea has not taken away the attraction of a Mediterranean island full of history, from its megalithic temples to its strategic importance in World War II.

In these articles that we have published in Viajablog you have more information about what to see in Malta in three days, divided into Comino and Gozo and Malta, as well as the best views from La Valletta. And don’t forget to check all the ways to get from Malta Airport to Malta. Plus, with no increase in price, here you can see different budgets to stay in a hotel in Valletta and from there explore Malta.

Our proposals in Malta: Discover its capital with a guided tour of Valletta which includes the audiovisual show “The Malta Experience”, explore the historical heritage of “The Three Cities” or change islands to discover Gozo.

If you want to discover Malta from the sea, you can do it with a cruise through Gozo and Comino or a cruise through the ports of La Valletta.

And if you want a curious visit, you can come and tour the town of Popeye.

7Lisbon (Portugal)

Image by Cristina Macia in Pixabay

The nearest European destination on this list is an amalgam of viewpoints over the city, memories of ocean exploration, trams on steep streets and the sounds of fado and the smell of the sea.

In these articles that we have published in Viajablog you have information about what to see and what to do in Lisbon, the best viewpoints and views of Lisbon, the best excursions and tours in Spanish in Lisbon and, of course, how to get from Lisbon Airport to Lisbon. You can also click on the link and search for a hotel in Lisbon, suitable for your budget and requirements.

Our proposals in Lisbon: A Spanish tour of Lisbon, discover the old Mouraria district and dine there while enjoying a live fado show. From Lisbon you can make an excursion to Sintra, Cascais and Estoril or an excursion to Oporto and Fatima.

You can discover Lisbon at your own pace with the Lisbon Card, with unlimited public transport and access to more than 30 attractions or by using the Lisbon Tourist Bus service, with 3 different routes and free access to the Santa Justa elevator and the trams on the public network (yellow).

In addition to the classic electric bicycle or Segway tours, a curious way to discover Lisbon is to take an amphibious bus tour.