16 hostels for digital nomads

The days pass, but you continue to work from your boring studio in a corner of your house. And it’s there, in the middle of the day, when you imagine better views, perhaps the sound of the sea and new adventures that await you at the end of the day.

Working from home can become a new experience if you know how to choose the right place. Or, even better, if you decide to become a digital nomad from one of these 16 hostels where you can work remotely while continuing to travel the world.

πŸ“ MedellΓ­n, Colombia

If you are in the vibrant Colombian city of MedellΓ­n, Samarian Hostel becomes the best place to work remotely. Its director, Paolo, originally from Santa Marta, focuses this sanctuary of coworking towards all those freelance workers, from illustrators to writers, who seek to enjoy the Colombian giant without renouncing the comfort offered by the location in the residential neighborhood of Laureles, the vegetation and colors that invite to create new worlds and some death capuccinos to start the day with energy.

βœ… Rating: 8.4

πŸ’° Beds from: 5.80 €

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πŸ“ Santa Marta, Colombia

We’re still in Colombia, but we’ve changed cities. This incredible and colourful hostel is in Santa Marta, the gateway to the wonderful Tayrona National Park and the starting point for excursions to the Lost City. Come on, the ideal place to relax on the Caribbean beach between adventure and adventure! And if you’re a digital nomad, even better: on the terrace and in the common areas of the hostel you’ll find perfect areas to work remotely.

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πŸ’° Beds from: 9.80 €

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πŸ“ Recife, Brazil

Miles of beaches, lush jungles or fruit baskets waiting for breakfast. These are just some of the allies waiting in a city of Recife where the Pirates of Praia have been welcoming travellers and freelancers for years in search of the best place to work remotely in Recife. A hostel with a huge relaxation room and various rooms that invite you to exchange advice, do business or brainstorm together. The best? When you finish working, the beaches of Pina and Boa Viagem await you only 50 meters away. Either that, or stay and listen to a bossa nova concert while you start with the first caipirinha.

βœ… Rating 9

πŸ’° Beds from 8.40 €

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πŸ“ Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Are you a yoga teacher and want to travel the world? Do you make bracelets and can’t find the right place to sell them? Do you write, illude or do any other freelance activity? Then we have the right place for you. Located in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tropical House offers an urban garden, a coworking space lined with stone walls, a yoga room, an exhibition hall and even a mini cinema. Different spaces focused on the arts and coworking in Gran Canaria where you will feel that you are part of a big family in which everyone has something to offer.

βœ… Rating: 9.4

πŸ’° Beds from 18 €

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πŸ“ Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Overlooking the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa is one of the most idyllic places in Costa Rica, especially if you go into this hostel. Equipped with a wellness space and a large swimming pool wrapped in parquet floor and caressed by the jungle, Selina Santa Teresa is a combination of hostel and boutique hotel that bets heavily on coworking in Costa Rica, enabling a room in which to work if the sounds of the tropics do not manage to distract you. Can you think of a better place than the country of Pura Vida to give free rein to your creativity?

βœ… Rating: 8.7

πŸ’° Beds from 47 €

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πŸ“ Yangon, Myanmar

If you are looking to work for the world and one of your stops is Yangon, Tribe Theory, as its name suggests, bet on new nomadic communities in the city of golden stupas. An accommodation focused on visitors related to the world of startups and entrepreneurship who enjoy a huge working room remotely while free breakfasts go through the desk, the event board is full and ideas flow more than ever. In addition to its hostel in Yangon, Tribe Theroy also has accommodations in Singapore, Bangalore, Hong Kong and Bali. Do we link one city after another?

βœ… Rating: 8.3

πŸ’° Beds from 5.64 €

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πŸ“ Goa, India

During the hippie movement of the 1960s, the state of Goa, on India’s west coast, became an epicentre for travellers, nomads and artists in search of a place of self-realisation. Decades later, this hostel evokes the vibes of that time, betting on a community in which each artist can find a work space without inhibitions. In fact, at ImagiNation Artists you’ll find painters on their balconies, people drawing on their terrace before sunset or travellers experimenting with the instruments provided by the accommodation. An oasis of inspiration for every digital nomad, just 2 kilometres from Arambol Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on this coastline of palm trees, yoga teachers and cows snooping through tropical gardens.

βœ… Rating: 9.4

πŸ’° Beds from 25.20 €

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πŸ“ Hong Kong

In the world there are ideal cities for coworking and then Hong Kong. The cantonese megapolis, the greatest ambassador of this union of East and West finds in Mojo Nomad Central the best definition of the city made hostel. With a coworking room that should occupy the cover of an Ikea catalogue, a bar of Mexican dishes called Te Quiero Mucho and a location in the heart of the city of colored skyscrapers, few can resist working remotely from Hong Kong, that place that has become a mecca for digital nomads.

βœ… Rating: 9.6

πŸ’° Beds from 67 €

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πŸ“ Bangalore, India

Nicknamed by many as India’s Silicon Valley given the presence of hundreds of technology centers and startups, Bangalore also has some of the best remote-focused hostels in the curry country. The one we are dealing with here is rather business friendly, with a room with wooden tables invaded by Mac computers and an enviable location in the technological heart of the city. In addition, around the lodging the adventure of working remotely in Bangalore continues thanks to its hundreds of cybercafΓ©s and locals focused on the freelance worker.

βœ… Rating: 8.6

πŸ’° Beds from 7.68 €

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πŸ“ Kathmandu, Nepal

The land of smiles is called Nepal and it expires a halo of good vibes from each of its corners, especially if you approach Thames, the best district of Kathmandu. A spirit present in the enormous work room where there is no lack of furniture with pallets and paintings that combine Nepalese symbolism with popular culture, the different colours of the rooms or the spirit of community existing among all the travellers who let themselves fall for this accommodation. Undoubtedly the best place to work remotely in Kathmandu and a country in Nepal considered one of the cheapest in the world to travel.

βœ… Rating: 8.7

πŸ’° Beds from 4.42 €

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πŸ“ Frankfurt, Germany

Like a futuristic film, the Frankfurt A&O doesn’t notice services and spaces when it comes to pleasing all its guests. There’s ultra fast internet, a snack bar, lounges, a big coworking room and even a children’s area if you’re a parent and want to travel with your child while working around the world. A cozy hostel turned into a reference point for remote work in which the adventure continues through the streets of a city as cosmopolitan as it is welcoming.

βœ… Rating: 8.8

πŸ’° Beds from 20.47 €

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πŸ“ Nagasaki, Japan

In Japan, the science of space is different from that of any other country in the world. Here the houses have spacious living rooms, dormitories that seem ordered by Marie Kondo herself and a treatment of energies focused on workplaces where peace and the Zen spirit prevail. A philosophy that the Hafh evokes like few other accommodations by having a kitchen in which we could stay to live, exotic breakfasts, book sommeliers (yes, yes) or a coworking space where work flows better than anywhere else.

βœ… Rating: 9.9

πŸ’° Beds from 29.27 €

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πŸ“ Santa Marianita, Ecuador

When you work in your usual apartment, in your free time you take the opportunity to go to buy bread or continue watching that series of Netflix. On the other hand, in Punta La Barca you can make a break practicing kitesurf or going up to the terrace to contemplate the sunrise before starting. These are just two of the aperitifs offered by this bamboo-lined hostel located in the delicious seaside town of Santa Marianita. A hostel you can call home, where the light invades everything and its coworking space breathes warmth into every corner.

βœ… Rating: 8.6

πŸ’° Beds from 10.62 €

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πŸ“ Basel, Switzerland

At first glance, the working room of this hostel in the heart of Basel may seem like a mirage. But not at all. Exquisitely decorated with metered light and flowerpots in each of its spaces, the Generation YTCA is ideal for coworking in Basel thanks to facilities that include a gymnasium to relax at the end of the day or a terrace on which to sit to discuss ideas in the summer months. Not to be missed.

βœ… Rating: 9

πŸ’° Beds from 36.98 €

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πŸ“ Manila, Philippines

In a country where there is room for more than 7,000 islands, finding a base point if you are going to spend some time is essential. A need that is covered with this hostel located in Manila, the largest city in the Philippines and gateway to all those paradises on Earth as Boracay or Palawan. A unique lodge where your cafeteria never closes, tropical bird murals flood the corridors and the remote workspace is a delight. Without a doubt, the best coworking place in Manila.

βœ… Rating: 8.6

πŸ’° Beds from 11.82 €

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πŸ“ Chiang Mai, Thailand

When it comes to finding a relaxing place and new interactions in Thailand, Chaing Mai is possibly the best place of all. The city of temples located to the north of the giant tai deploys an endless number of community spaces among which we highlight the Kampor, one of the best coworking space of Chiang Mai. A hostel focused on remote work where pieces of cake and coffee glasses are served from 7 am while your coworking space invites all freelance travelers to share ideas or continue shaping their orders. However, at sunset you can always link up with a relaxing stroll through the night markets and noodle bars of the jewel of the north.

βœ… Rating 9.1

πŸ’° Beds from 7.70 €

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